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Core Items

Curriculum Vitae 4

Enterprise/Action Plan 6

Career Investigation 8

Summary Report 10

Optional Items

Diary of Work Experience 14

Recorded Interview / Presentation 16


Curriculum Vitae

Éanna Sullivan

Personal Details:

Name: Eanna Sullivan
Address: The Strand, Walshestown, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath

Telephone: 0873650784
Date of birth: 26th September 1995

2001-2008 St. Kennys NS Ballina, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.
2008- Present Mullingar Community College, Millmount Rd., Mullingar, Co. Westmeath
| |
|Junior Certificate 2011 |
|Subject |Level |Grade |
|English |Higher | C |
|Gaeilge |Higher | D |
|Maths |Ordinary | C |
|History |Higher | C |
|Geography |Higher | D |
|Science |Higher | D |
|Art, Craft, Design |Higher | C |
|Business |Higher | D |
|Metal Work |Ordinary | C |
|German |Higher | D |
|CSPE |Common | B |
| | | |
| |
|Leaving Certificate 2013 |
|Subject |Level |Grade |
|English |Higher |Pending |
|Gaeilge |Ordinary | |
|Maths |Ordinary | |
|Art, Craft, Design |Higher | |
|Business Org. |Higher | |
|History |Higher | |
|Link Modules |Common | |

Work Experience:

|Date |Employer |Duties |
| | | |
|July-August 2010 |Mr. P. Leavy |Fruit Picking, Flower |
| |The Strand |Planting. |
| |Walshestown | |
| |Mullingar | |
| |Co. Westmeath | |
|June-August 2011 |Mr G Lyons |Landscaping, Gardening duties. |
| |Ballard | |
| |Walshestown | |
| |Mullingar | |
| |Co. Westmeath | |
| | | |

Interests and Hobbies:

• I enjoy computers and gaming machines, participating in online competitions. • I enjoy middle distance running. • I also have taken courses in traditional Irish music on Accordion and Piano.


• 2010 - Certificate of Greatest Effort, Mullingar Community College • 2009 & 2012 Completed 3 week intensive summer course in the Gaeltacht in Connemara


| | |
|Mr. Chris Rowley |Mrs. F. Foy |
| School Principal |L.C.V.P. Coordinator |
|Mullingar Community College |Mullingar Community College |
|Millmount Road |Millmount Road |
|Mullingar |Mullingar |
|Co. Westmeath |Co. Westmeath |
| | |
|Tel. 044 93 40786 |Tel. 044 93 40786 |
| | |
|Signed :___________________________ |Date: ____________________________ |
| Eanna Sullivan | |
| | |


Enterprise/Action Plan

Author: Eanna Sullivan

| | |
|Title: |This is a Links Module Plan for a Halloween Table Quiz, to raise funds for Make a Wish Foundation. |
| | |
| | |
|Objectives: | |
| |We want to raise funds for Make a Wish Foundation |
| |We hope to develop our researching skills, our communication skills and our IT skills, as a part of our |
| |Links Module programme. |
| |I personally hope to develop my organisational skills, my presentation skills and my communication skills. |
| |I will issue a checklist to various teachers with expertise in all these areas. |
| | |
|Research Methods: |We will ask for permission from the Principal and Deputy Principal to proceed with this activity. We will |
| |ask for support from other teachers linked to this event. |
| |I will be responsible for helping to organise sponsorship for prizes, while also devising and maintaining a|
| |budget throughout. |
| |I hope to use the Internet for research purposes, to aid in preparing summaries, budgets, and presenting |
| |information and materials. I will also use the office package to compile my report. |
| | |
| |Together we discussed and wrote out the letters we used to ask permissions from management and letters |
| |asking all involved staff to help us with the event. We discussed and planned a professional business |
|Analysis of Research: |letter requesting sponsorship for prizes from local businesses. |
| | |
| |We got together with our LCVP and IT teacher, and gained access to the IT rooms for research and to compile|
| |our print material. |
| | |
| |I spoke with members from local businesses; researched and established the prices for resources required |
| |and planned a budget for the event. I devised checklists using google forms to analysis my progress. |
| | |
| |Over the next five weeks we devised five action steps: |
| | |
| |Week 1: |
| |We will organise team meetings and write up our minutes, projected schedules, timeline, duties and budgets.|
|Actions and Schedule of |We will inform all staff and students involved. We will put together Progress Report Sheets to keep track |
|Time: |of our individual progress throughout. |
| | |
| |Week 2: |
| |We will type up all of our work, and process our questions, our letter to Make a Wish Foundation, and any |
| |other documents we require. We will organise sound equipment and decide on the entry fee, the prizes and |
| |our budget. |
| |Week 3 |
| |We will print out and photocopy the quiz sheets, buy the stationary, prizes, decorations and any other |
| |items we may need. |
| | |
| |Week 4: |
| |We will organise a Team Meeting and re-inform the staff and students involved. We will also organise time |
| |for week 5, for decorating, labelling, sound etc. |
| |Week 5: |
| |We will put into action, supervise and coordinate all people involved in the event, including tidying up |
| |afterwards. |
| | |
| | |
| |We will obtain the following: |
| | |
|Research and Costs: |Stationary: |
| | |
| |17 Pens 03.40 |
| |4 Markers 04.00 |
| |Ticket Book 02.50 |
| |Printing 10.00 |
| |Photocopying 05.50 |
| |Paper 05.00 |
| |Stickers 01.00 |
| | |
| |Decorations: |
| | |
| |Lights 20.00 |
| |Decorations 45.00 |
| |Costumes Given on Loan |
| |CD 24.00 |
| | |
| |Prizes |
| | |
| |Vouchers 20.00 |
| |Crayola Set 06.00 |
| |1 Tin of sweets 10.00 |
| |Packets of sweets 06.00 |
| |Medals 02.50 |
| | |
| |Sponsorships from Businesses (40.00) |
| |(Totalling £40.00) |
| | |
| |Refreshments |
| | |
| |Packets of Sweets 03.00 |

Packets of Lollies 03.00

Gross Cost 170.90 Less Staff Sponsorship (50.00)

Projected NET COST 120.90

Evaluation Methods:

• We will get together with Make a Wish Foundation, discuss our plans, evaluate our budget, income and expenditure throughout on a weekly basis and put together our results in week 5. We will invite a representative from Make a Wish Foundation to the school to accept a gift cheque of the money that we are hoping to raise.

• We will talk with our LCVP teacher to discuss our communication and organisational skills, and our research skills. We’ll also ask our IT teacher for feedback on our IT skills.

• I will provide my teachers involved in this activity with feedback forms and online google forms to track my organisational skills, my presentational skills and my research and analysis skills. I will compare this data on an ongoing basis throughout this activity.


Career Investigation of Secondary School Teaching

(By Eanna Sullivan)

Description of Career:
A secondary school teacher instructs students in secondary public or private schools, such as English, mathematics or history. May be designated according to subject matter specialty, such as typing instructors, commercial teachers or English teachers.

Skills and Qualities:
• Good communication,
• Passion to teach
• Patience

• Engaging
• Passion for Children and Teaching,
• Good communication.

PATHWAY 1 - NUI Maynooth.

Qualifications & Training:

BA in Early Childhood- Teaching and Learning
CAO Points Range 2012: 360-400

Length of Course: 3 years

Passes in both English and Irish and a grade of at least D3. The course requires at least 4 additional subjects.

Garda Vetting
Teaching Council Registration

Core Modules in Year 1

[pic]The Professional Development
[pic]Learning Theories
[pic]Higher Education Policy
[pic]The Research Methods

Optional Modules in Year 1

[pic]Writing and Disseminating Research
[pic]Supervising Undergraduate Dissertations & Projects.
[pic]Technology Enhanced Learning, Teaching & Assessment
[pic]Creativity and Critical Thinking in Higher Education [pic]Teaching in Virtual Worlds.

Year 2 - Thesis

Students can progress within the teaching profession, gain experience, undertake further studies with the view to moving into management roles.

Further Studies
I hope to attend Trinity for a post graduate in a particular specialism

In line with standard rating scales determined by Government.
The programme is accredited for the following 13 teaching subjects: Gaeilge, English, Modern Languages, History, Geography, CSPE, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accounting, Business and Economics. The College is currently accepting applications for the March 2013 cohort. The College reserves the right, based on applicant demand, to not offer every subject at every programme start date. Any application fees paid for programmes that are subsequently not offered will be refunded.
The programme results in a HETAC Level 8 award and is professionally accredited by the Teaching Council. To see a diagram explaining the National Framework of Qualifications

PATHWAY 2 - Arts degree in NUI Galway

CAO Points Range 2012 : 300-605
Length of course: 3 years
BA, 4 years :
BA International

Qualifications: Bachelor in Education

Leaving cert: Minimum Grade HC3 in two subjects and passes in four other subjects at H or O level in the Leaving Cert, including Irish, English, another language and three other subjects recognized for entry purposes.
Teaching Council Registration

Students can diversify into further studies and courses or move into management roles

From researching this career, I have found out how much communication skills and interaction skills are essential. Teachers have to have good interpersonal skills as well as patience and a passion for children and teaching.

I received a good insight of my chosen career and learned what skills are needed to become a secondary school teacher in the future ahead of me. I enjoyed researching up my future career on the internet which improved my I.T skills and also researched it by communicating different people who speacialized in this section including my teachers, this also improved my interpersonal skills. I got some sources which provided me with irrelevant information but I took it all in just in case I might need it later on in my investigation. Overall I would like to pursue this following career in the future.


Summary Report

MOG Car Safety Demonstration

(by Eanna Sullivan)

Title: This is a Link module Summary Report on a school visit in from Michael Gleeson the programme co-ordinator of MOG Car Safety.
Author: Eanna Sullivan
Terms of Reference: This report has been written as part of our Link Modules core items, on a visit in by an entrepreneur providing an educational and informative service for young people about car safety.
1. We hoped to develop our enterprise skills and learn about setting up a business. 2. We hoped to develop our teamwork skills, our communication and research skills by participating in the presentation activities. 3. We hoped to learn about car safety.
Overview of the visit:
MOG Car Safety MOG Car Safety was set up by Michael Gleeson and Michael O’Gorman in 20--. Michael O’Gorman of O’Gorman Motors, Newtown Co. Tipperary invented the MOG Car which his programme co-ordinator Michael Gleeson now uses to educate young people about car safety.

Introduction to the visit: The programme co-ordinator Michael Gleeson begins by introducing himself and his service. He then gave us an overview of what the presentation would entail. He also got to know us all by having us introduce ourselves.

The Presentation: The presentation itself was very interesting and informative. I got a fantastic understanding of car safety and the workings of a car because of the use of the MOG Car.

Mr Gleeson got some of the students to sit in the MOG Car and through them he showed us how to behave in a car and what possible problems may arise. He showed us the inner workings of the car and engine and told us about real life road accidents and the dangers of drink driving and lack of responsibility. He outlined various facts and figures regarding road causalities and the aftermaths of car crashes. This was very hard to listen to, but also it needed to be communicated to us. A lot of the group have in the past been guilty of ‘doughnuts’, not wearing seatbelts etc. This seminar has changed our attitudes now, and our behaviours going forward.

End of Tour: We finished our tour with a question and answer session. We also thanked Mr Gleeson for coming to our school and giving us such an important life lesson.
1. Collectively we enjoyed this visit in where all our aims were achieved

2. We learned about entrepreneurship from an actual entrepreneur.

3. We learned about Car Safety. We can now apply what we learned in everyday situations.

4. I participated in the question and answer session, which I feel helped me with my interpersonal and communication skills. Through the devise of my report I have improved upon and gained in my IT skills.

I found the visit in an excellent opportunity to visually learn about car safety and an enterprise. This visual aspect to the visit in facilitated my learning an understanding of an enterprise. I now have applied to undertake my theory for my driving test. This activity has greatly helped me in the preparation for this.


| |
|Diary of Work Experience |
| |
| | |
|Author |Eanna Sullivan |
|Name of Business |“Mullingar Pet Hospital” |
|Address of Business |“Mullingar Pet Hospital”, |
| |Patrick Street, Mullingar |
| | |
| | |
| |Co. Westmeath |
|Contact Details of Business |Patrick Street, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath. |
| |Email: |
| |Website: |
| |Tel: 044 9349686 |
|Description of Business |Mullingar Pet Hospital |
|Name of supervisor(s) |Clair Vaughan M.V.B (Medicina Veterinaria Baccalaureate) |
| |Niamh Kennedy, R.V.N (Registered Veterinary Nurse) |
|Position of Work Placement |Working at reception and talking to the customers who came in. Overlooking surgery and|
|Duties Carried out |helping in various ways. |
| | |
| |Tending to customers at reception and taking down details. |
| |Watching various surgeries and helping. |
| |Holding and restraining animals while they are examined. |
| |Washing and grooming dogs. |
| | |
| |I have a keen interest in pets and animals. I am patient and caring and have a lot of |
| |experience with animals. |
|Reasons for selection: | |
| |I hope to gain experience and knowledge in animals and handling them and particularly |
| |working and dealing with people. |
| |I wish to pursue a career in the caring profession and as such hope to use my work |
| |placement for experience, knowledge, development of my skills and ultimately as a |
| |referee for my CV. |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
|Daily Entries |Monday, 20 February 2012 |
| |Start time: 9:00 |
| |Finishing time: 4:30 |
|Analysis of Personal Performance: | |
|Description of Work: |On my first day I was given a tour of the premises by the Manager. I was then taken |
| |to the surgery room and reception and given an in-depth tour and induction in both |
| |these areas. I was told I would be responsible for cleaning, serving and replenishing|
| |while on my work experience. |
| | |
| |I was given 2 hours training in the surgery specifically in hygiene and safety |
| |precautions and what procedures I must follow in relation to both these areas. I |
|Training: |received training on handling animals and working with them safely, how to sterilize |
| |utensils, proper conduct and manners and what was acceptable and not. |
| | |
|Skills used: |During my first day I used my communication skills when getting to know the various |
| |people I would be working with. I also used my organisational skills when |
| |reorganising utensils. |
| | |
| |I received a concrete example of how the Health and Safety at work act is implemented |
| |in a real life example which helped to reinforce the Act to me. I learned a lot about|
|Learning: |etiquette in the workplace which is somewhat different from my school environment. |
| | |
|Evidence of analysis: |I felt very nervous on my first day; I found meeting a lot of new, more mature people |
| |very daunting. In the afternoon I began to relax and I found I was able to do my |
| |tasks more easily and I could listen that bit better. My supervisor complemented me |
| |on my performance which helped greatly. I forgot to bring a jotter with me to take |
| |notes which would have helped me when we were going through legislation and |
| |procedures. |
| | |
|Daily Entries |Wednesday, 23 February 2012 |
| |Start time: 9:00 |
| |Finishing time: 4:30 |
| | |
|Analysis of Personal Performance: | |
| | |
|Description of Work: |On my second day I began in the surgery, watching various procedures and sterilizing |
| |utensils and cleaning the area. |
| | |
| |I received an overview on safety and procedures in taking orders before I commenced my|
|Training: |restaurant duties. In the afternoon I received training on the tills. |
| | |
|Skills used: |During my second day I again used my communication while working in the restaurant |
| |under the “greet and meet” procedures in the hotel. I used my administrative skills |
| |when taking orders and my IT skills when training and working on the tills |
| | |
| |Today I learned how to work at reception; I used communication and interpersonal |
|Learning: |skills and dealt with many customers and inquirers. |
| | |
|Evidence of analysis: |Today I observed how much more relaxed I was, I found the practical tasks more |
| |exciting than the previous day using my communicational skills to work with customers.|
| | |
|Daily Entries: Thursday 24 February 2012 | |
|Start time: 9.00 | |
|Finishing time: 3.30 | |
| | |
|Analysis of Personal Performance: | |
|Description of Work: |On my fourth day I began in the surgery and watched more operations. I learnt the |
| |steps and procedures involved in spaying and neutering cats and dogs. |
| | |
|Training: | |
|Skills used: |During my second day I again used my communicational skills while I used my |
| |administrative skills when taking orders and improving my IT skills while training |
| |and working at reception. |
| | |
| |Today I learned how to work more with people. The staff were very friendly as were |
|Learning: |customers. I noticed that I was being trusted more to work on my own initiative |
| |today and was asked to do errands up town. Whilst working in the surgery, I was |
| |instructed to sterilize more utensils and wash up while taking hygiene precautions. |
|Evaluation: |In reflection, I enjoyed my work experience and loved the people aspect of it. |
| |Nonetheless I do not think I am suited to the veterinary career on a full time |
| |basis. My heart lies in caring for and helping people who are disadvantaged, while |
| |using the skills and qualities I acquired while on my work experience. The |
| |experience has taught me the importance of hygiene, sterilization, good people |
| |skills, and care when handling animals. |
| | |
|Application |To date I have applied the knowledge I learned during my work experience in the |
| |following ways: |
| | |
| |Both at home and in school, I have adopted a strict policy on cleanliness. I am |
| |more calm and understanding towards people, listening more and thinking more before |
| |I speak and react. In terms of the community, I am also more proactive towards |
| |people and situations rather than being reactive. I intend to offer my services to |
| |the local school and day care centre on a voluntary basis. |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |


I am an enterprising and enthusiastic, 5th year student with excellent communication and information technology skills. I am self-motivated and thoroughly enjoy a challenge. I have excellent interpersonal skills and knowledge of business which enables me to act as a team player or team leader as the need arises.…...

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Against Dualisms: a Response to Henry Sullivan*

...Dualisms: A Response to Henry Sullivan* HOWARD MANCING n a recent essay entitled “Don Quixote de la Mancha: Analyzable or Unanalyzable?” published in this journal, Henry W. Sullivan makes the case for the psychoanalysis of literary characters. While there is much to ponder in Sullivan's essay, there are two points, both involving dualisms, that I would like to discuss. In the first case, Sullivan argues insightfully and convincingly against an absolute distinction between how we know and think about fictional characters and how we know and think about real people. In the second case, however, Sullivan insists on an absolute (Cartesian) mind-body dualism as a cornerstone of psychoanalytic theory. I would like to repeat and extend Sullivan's argument in the first case, but refute it and deny its validity in the second. First dualism: Fact/Fiction Sullivan cites as representative of a certain widely-shared approach Maud Ellmann's insistence that there is an important distinction between a “human being made of flesh and character made of words” (5), a distinction that allows us to make one kind statement about the former but not the latter. Ellmann is not alone in making the real-life/fictional distinction a fundamental matter of ontology. We are all familiar with arguments like hers, having heard * For a response to this response, see “Don Quixote & the ‘Third Term’ as Solvent of Binary Dualisms: A Response to Howard Mancing”, by Henry W. Sullivan, Cervantes 19.1......

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Engineering Economy Sullivan

...Engineering Economy Sullivan Wicks Koelling 15th Edition Solutions Manual Click here to download immediately!!! Name: Engineering Economy Author: Sullivan Wicks Koelling Edition: 15th ISBN-10: 0132554909 Type: Solutions Manual - The file contains solutions and questions to all chapters and all questions. All the files are carefully checked and accuracy is ensured. ENGINEERING ECONOMY FIFTEENTH EDITION This is a sample chapter Solutions Manual WILLIAM G. SULLIVAN Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University ELIN M. WICKS Wicks and Associates, L.L.P. C. PATRICK KOELLING Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Engineering Economy Sullivan Wicks Koelling 15th Edition Solutions Manual Engineering Economy Sullivan Wicks Koelling 15th Edition Solutions Manual Solutions to Chapter 1 Problems A Note To Instructors: Because of volatile energy prices in today's world, the instructor is encouraged to vary energy prices in affected problems (e.g. the price of a gallon of gasoline) plus and minus 50 percent and ask students to determine whether this range of prices changes the recommendation in the problem. This should make for stimulating inclass discussion of the results. 1-1 Because each pound of CO2 has a penalty of $0.20, Savings = (15 gallons $0.10/gallon) (8 lb)($0.20/lb) = $1.34 If Stan can drive his car for less than......

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Summary of "For Gay Marriage"

...Summary of “For Gay Marriage” In his essay “For Gay Marriage,” Andrew Sullivan argues that marriage isn’t and has never been, in his view just a “private contract” between two people, and that now marriage is seen as a social and public recognition of such a commitment (404). Sullivan argues that to refuse homosexuals the right to marry is a public offense to their rights and equality as citizens. Sullivan makes the case in his essay that homosexual couples deserve the same rights, the right to marry, because they are just as capable of fulfilling the requirements of marriage as heterosexuals. Throughout his essay Sullivan argues that marriage should be allowed between any two people. He explains that marriage can no longer just be defined in the narrow sense as between a man and a woman, rather it has to be viewed in a broader perspective as it is an “emotional, financial, and psychological bond between two people”, who are consenting adults who are not closely related to one another (404). Sullivan makes the argument that marriage should not be denied to same sex couples because marriage is no longer viewed in our society as being for the sole function of procreation. It no longer matters if a couple has children or not, so why should whether or not a couple can have children be a stipulation that keeps the right to marry from homosexual couples. Sullivan finally asserts that marriage is an emotional commitment by two people for life, and that it requires sacrifice,......

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Pragmatism and Transactional Bodies

...Moving onwards from the instrumentalist components of Dewey’s pragmatism, Shannon Sullivan uses this excerpt to support her case for the positive potential of pragmatic though within our current society. Previously established through Dewey’s theory on an organism’s life existing within and “through” skin, Sullivan harnesses the acceptance of the “transaction” allowing all processes to occur as a means positive transformation. Through the boundaries of sex and race, Sullivan reveals the human individual as a body no longer bounded by absolute substance. Instead, we can find direction and freedom within the dynamic relationship of body and environment, and address the impact of the insurmountable activities of life “on people’s lived situations and experiences” (Sullivan 3). Acknowledgment of our transactional bodies formation by mutual constitution and categorization of the world comes with the examination of the “hidden assumptions and blind spots” that accompany a particular perspective, and ultimately, the potential of changed habit for achieving what Dewey previously defines as a Great community (Sullivan 4). By encouraging the collaboration and advantages of a transactional perspective of our own body, Sullivan wishes to free the boundaries of fixed habit and improve bodily existence through a blend of 20th Century pragmatism. Sullivan’s concern remains within the social, ethical, and epistemological implications of transactional bodies, encouraging the explanation...

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• Messa (P) V. Sullivan & Keyman’s Club (D, a)

...Title • Messa (P) v. Sullivan & Keyman’s club (D, A) Citation: what court or reporters • Court: Appellate Ct of IL, First District, First Division • Cited as: 61 Ill.App. 2s 386, 209 N.E. 2d 872 Author: judge • Judge Burman Facts: • P suffered injury at the Keyman’s Club bldg, Chicago: 1st and 2nd fl has many stores (bowling alley, barber shop, acocktail lounge, banquet and meeting rooms), 3rd fl for a labor union office, and 4th fl empty. 5th fl is residence for Sullivans and no other use on the 5th fl. The D’s apt has safe, furniture, personal property, 3-year old German Shepherd for safe-keeping of the club’s property in the apt. • There are signs on the exterior and on a bldg directory in the lobby. • No notices that the 5th fl is used as a residence and not for commercial or business purposes. • Automatic elevator for all the floors accessible as one entered the bldg from Madison Street and walking through bldg lobby passing bldg office(left side). • June 12, 1961, P (deaf mute) entered bldg about 2 pm for the purpose of selling printed cards depicting the deaf and dumb alphabet. Her first time at the bldg. P passed the bldg’s office where a woman was sitting, took the elevator to the 5th fl. The door of the elevator opened automatically at 5th fl but she had open (swung outward) a second door (said heavy). P turned left toward the apt door. At that point, D’s dog ran out of the door and jumped on the P. P testified, "... the dog bit me......

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An Analysis: the New York Times vs. Sullivan

...AN ANALYSIS: THE NEW YORK TIMES VS. SULLIVAN Class, Section, Professor’s name, The New York Times vs. Sullivan The civil rights era was a time in American history when issues concerning race relations ranged from segregation to abuse. During this time, The New York Times vs. Sullivan case changed the face of the news and the country’s understanding of the first amendment forever and in turn represents what most people today recognize as freedom of speech (Harrison, Harrison, Gilbert, &Gilbert, 1991-2006). In the spring of 1960, racial tension high and Americans of all races fighting for change. The New York Times published a full-page advertisement describing the abuse and mistreatment at the hands of the people who carry the expectation to protect and serve. The civil right activism that many Americans know from history books and television was just beginning. The rise of students working together with King and other leaders to create the infamous sit-ins and in turn violent reaction of the police that is all too familiar in history books and documentaries. Martin Luther King participated in the first sit in at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical College in Durham and upon returning to Atlanta was informed that he had a warrant in Alabama because of false information on tax records. Two groups, the Struggle for Freedom and the Committee to Defend Martin Luther King paid $4,800 dollars for the advertisement, which asked for......

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Sullivan vs New Yrk Times

...King. In response of this ad L.B. sulban one of the 3 white elected city commisiners sued the NY times for libe l the priting of falsehood. Although he was never mention by name in the ad… but he maintain the words “the police in the ad” refered to him since he was the commissioner who supervise of mongomery police department. It turned out the ad contains some funtual errors that police did not ring the campus and dr king had been arrested only four times not seven. In addition the other alledge in one place the protesting students had sang “my country is my V”on the state capital steps when they actyually sang the national anthem. However all the white jury found the ny times guilty of liobel for publishing the ad and awarded Sullivan 500000 tyo Sullivan in damages .. Ny times appeals.. because 500000 is a fortune in 1964 even in NY times. The law suit id part of the effort by the white leadership of Montgomery to destroy the civil rights movement. If the verdict was apheld the ny times and others news pepers and many media outlets might be force to stoppend acceopt ads in…...

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Messa V Sullivan Citation

...Betty Messa brought this action against James Sullivan, Helen Sullivan and the Keyman's Club, an Illinois not for profit corporation, to recover damages for the bodily injuries which she sustained as the result of being bitten by the defendants' dog. The complaint was based on two theories: first, a common law action for the keeping of a vicious animal and, second, an action based on what is commonly known as the 'Dog Bite Statute' (Ill.Rev.Stat. 1963, ch. 8, § 12d). The parties waived a jury and the case was tried by the court. On the common law count, the trial court held for the defendants because he found that the plaintiff was contributorily negligent. No appeal has been taken from the judgment entered on that issue. On the statutory count, however, the court concluded that the plaintiff should recover and therefore he entered judgment awarding the plaintiff damages only against James Sullivan and the Keyman's Club in the amount of $3,000. From this judgment these two defendants appeal. They contend that the plaintiff failed to prove, as she was required to prove in order to recover under the statute, that she was lawfully present on the defendants' premises and that she did not provoke the dog to attack. Alternatively the defendants contend that the amount of the damage award is not supported by the evidence. The plaintiff suffered her injuries in the Keyman's Club building, 4721 West Madison Street in the City of Chicago. Located on the lower level and on the first......

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