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Social Interactions and the Food I eat I honestly must say that I am not a very healthy eater at all, you will rarely see me eat good healthy foods. It is very difficult to eat healthy with the kind of schedule I have on a daily basis. I go to school Monday through Thursday and I am on campus from 8:00 AM until around 1:00 PM and then right after my last class I usually have an hour maybe an hour and a half to go to work right from school. I live all the way by St. Matthews’s mall which is about a fifteen minute drive from campus so going home to make a healthy meal is out of the question. I don’t have the time and I will not waste even more gas to go home and make a meal and then have to turn around and come right back this way to go back to work, gas is not cheap at all these days. Usually between that small gap I have from going from school to work I typically just grab something to eat from the Sac or something around my job just because it’s very convenient and easy to just get the food and go it’s a lot less time consuming. Even after I get off work I do not always go home I may go to my friend’s house or something and about 90 percent of the time eating fast food is really not an option. Sometimes when I go right home from work my mom may have cooked so I eat what’s at the house and even then everything she makes is not always the healthiest thing to eat. I know how to cook but I really do not like too put in the work to make myself a meal when going through a drive thru at McDonalds is a much easier thing to do especially after a long day at work. I truly understand that there are ways around of a long work schedule to eat healthy but I choose not to go that route because when it’s just too much work in my opinion and I’m too lazy to cook. Also I will say even on days where I don’t have work I still choose not to go the healthy route because I just simply…...

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