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1.1. The effects of a traumatic experience 2

1.2. Observation of effects 3

1.2.1. Effects of a poor stepparent relationship and/or signs of abuse 3

1.2.2. Possible signs of racism 3

1.3. Possible effects of Maslow's hierarchy of needs on James's behaviour 4


2.1. Counselling and support for learning problems 5

2.2. Psychological development, contribution of stage to behaviour and 6 developmental goal
2.3. Parent involvement/parent counselling 7
2.4. Guidelines for an individual assistance programme 7 1. EVALUATION AND PLANNING
1.1. The effects of a traumatic experience
During trauma, normal functioning disintegrates in people. When a person perceives a threat, the initial stages of a complex, total-body response will begin. The brain orchestrates, directs, and controls this response. The more threatened an individual feels, the further their brain and body will be shifted along an arousal continuum in an attempt to ensure appropriate mental and physical responses to the challenges of the threat. The cognitive (thinking), emotional, and behavioural functioning of the individual will all reflect this shift along the arousal continuum.
During the traumatic event, all aspects of the individual's functioning change, including feeling, thinking, and behaving. For instance, someone under direct assault abandons thoughts of the future or abstract plans for survival. At that exact moment, all of the victim's thinking, behaving, and feeling is being directed by more primitive parts of the brain.
The arousal continuum is characterized by many physiological changes.…...

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