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Rationale: I have conducted this research paper because I want to discover or shall we say explore more about the essence of using paper coal rather than gas stove or wood. I want to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of using paper coal. I hope that other people may read my research paper and understand its content.I wanted to find out whether paper charcoal could be an alternative for regular charcoal so that fewer trees will be cut down for the purpose of making charcoal. I also hope to prove that paper charcoal is better than charcoal in terms of: a. Speed b. Reliability c. Reusability d. Value for money Statement of problem. This study aims of comparing paper charcoal composed of newspaper against commercial charcoal made of wood. Specifically on the following manner: 1. Which type of charcoal has the best speed?
2. Which type of charcoal is the more trusted in cooking?
3. Can each type of charcoal be used more than once? 4. Which one is worth your money?
Significance of my research: 1. Environment- the study aims to prove that paper charcoal is better, thus reducing the number of trees cut down.
2. Community- the study benefits the community because if proven right, people start to buy or make paper charcoal and doing either is cheaper than buying regular charcoal. Many schools had already conducted this research paper but I still choose this because I want to endorse this research paper within my own school. This research is limited to the effectiveness of the paper charcoal as an alternative fuel source. It focuses more on the advantages of paper charcoal when used in cooking. It also compares the advantages of the paper charcoal to the wood charcoal as a fuel source.
People living in big cities have scarcity in coal. By this research, it will help the people on how to find coal. It can contribute to the easiest…...

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