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Note: You can work in groups but each student must submit his/her own answers. You can submit it via Canvas or give the hard copy to the instructor by the due date.

1. Is it important that Industrial Technology students have a working knowledge of computer networks? Why?

Yes it important for IT students to know the foundations of computer networks because it’s a key to understand the concepts of what this career consist of. Today, computer networks are part of everyday lives and it is a skill to obtain to succeed the field.

2. What is the difference between a computer and a workstation?

Computers perform three simple tasks: input, process, and output while a workstation is a connected computer/s and has an IP address.

3. What is the main purpose of a CPU and a NIC?

The central processing unit (CPU) main function is to execute instructions from computer programs. The network interface card (NIC) is an additional card plugged into a motherboard slot which provides a connection between the computer and the network.

4. What is the difference between RAM AND ROM?

Storage types, short-term storage (RAM) and the permanent, long term, (ROM).

5. How is data stored? Characters, bits or bytes?

It is stored in bits (1, 0).

6. What is the main purpose of a bus in computers?

The main purpose of the bus in computers is to carry data from one place to another on the computer. In a computer, there are buses between the CPU, RAM, disk drives, and expansion slots. The bus connecting expansion slots to the motherboard connect a network interface card (NIC) into one of these slots, the faster and busier your computer is, the faster its bus type needs to be.

7. Why are protocols important?

Network protocols are the rules and formats a computer uses when sending…...

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