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Abstract In this writing, you will read about sales tactics the department and grocery stores display in order to make you spend more money. You will also read about what to look for and how to take advantage of a true sale. Overall, you will learn some simple steps on how to avoid the sales tactics and bulk purchases that make you overspend on your budget.

It seems as if every time you walk into a store for a certain item or two, I end up walking out with much more than I intended to. Has this ever happened to you? Did you ever stop and wonder how that just happened? Store employees are trained professionals in several sales and marketing techniques that lure you to spend more than intended. The store employees make it look like you are getting a bargain by posting big bold signs, or they display items that are (eye catching) and appealing to grab your attention. For example, Devlin wrote this tactic in his article: “Walk into the grocery store and you will notice that the most expensive items are typically at eye level while bargain items are down on the bottom row. Too lazy to look down there? That’s exactly what the stores are hoping.” (2007 p.5) The way the stores floor plan is set up, is another approach the marketing agents use to boost sales. Devlin also states, that the department stores usually have the cosmetics department right in the front, as it is very profitable, it is located where people walk by it back and forth making it tempting to the consumers to make a purchase. “They construct their layout in this way so you spend more time walking around in hopes that you will see something you want but don't necessarily need” says Woods in an article from the Associated Content web site. In an article “Supermarket sales Tactics,” it states…...

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