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What the challenge of design in future is a significant and academic question for designers. It also is the topic appeal to me to research. As a design student, we should not only know how to design, but also need to focus on the future of design because all the design works are based on expectations of future trends. Therefore, researching the challenge designers will meet in the future and find the direction that design will develop is a meaningful topic to me. The topic of the challenge of design in future will involve to many different aspects such as the problem of scarce resources. How to use a minimum of resources designed to produce a good product is the challenges facing each designer. While reducing resource use, designers must keep up the research and development of new materials to prepare for the design of the future.
Also the concept of sustainable development in the field of design is subject to a high degree of concern for designers, how to maintain a balance between sustainable development and commercial profit is a huge challenge for designers. To research the development and challenge of design can provide me a correct direction in design and lead me to clearly know what I need to design and how the product I designed will have good affection in our life. In the future, if I want to be a good designer, I should be considering the problem of scarce resources and sustainable development in my…...

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