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Environmental Changes Associated with Mass Urban Tourism

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The Environmentalist, 20, 233 247, 2000 2000 Kluwer Academic Publishers. Manufactured in The Netherlands.

Environmental changes associated with mass urban tourism and nature tourism development in Hong Kong
C. Y. JIMU Department of Geography and Geology, The Uni¨ ersity of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong

Summary. Hong Kong’s tourism is overwhelmingly urban-focused. There is a heavy concentration of tourist and ancillary facilities in a small core urban area. A well-defined tourist business district has evolved with imprints on urban morphology. Hotels and the travel industry have limited direct environmental impacts; recent efforts have reduced energy and water consumption and waste generation. Changing preferences and market diversification call for countryside and resort types of tourism. The mainly young visitors are increasingly interested in the scenic countryside with a well-established country-park system, the tourist potential of which has been neglected. Hitherto rural excursions have been confined to ‘honeypots’ with little penetration away from main roads. The varied possibilities of nature tourism with ecotourism ingredients can be tapped as an adjunct to the city-based counterpart. New tourist nodes such as scattered resorts and a resort island can bring visitors close to nature. The changing patterns of consumption and the increase in rural visitorship demand measures to forestall environmental degradation. Keywords: tourism, environmental impacts, landscape changes, Hong Kong

Introduction The influence of tourism on destination areas, in terms of economic and socio-cultural multiplier effects, has long been subject to detailed studies. From the 1970s environmental impacts began to attract the attention of relevant organizations ŽOECD, 1980; WTO, 1980; 1983; Shackleford, 1985. and researchers ŽBudowski, 1976; Tangi, 1977; Cohen, 1978.. The…...

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