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As I was walking back from the library, after the team meeting, I was cursing myself for being harsh at the transgender lady. I have always found their behavior irritating and forcing one to pay is no begging. All the frustrations of the end-semester examinations finally vented out on her. Before today, I had this image of them being mentally strong, but good-for-nothing people. But, seeing the lady in tears has left a huge wound in my heart. Probably, they are not as we think. I have always wondered why they should be begging in the junctions, when they are physically strong enough to, probably, work as a construction labourer.

I used to think that these are lazy men, who dress up as women and irritate other people. Later, I came to realize the relevance of gender identity in a person’s life. They just want to be associated with the female gender, even though born as a male. Sex and gender are very distinct things. One often makes the mistake of thinking that gender is a choice. It is not. Gender is an identity issue. If a man feels to be accepted as a woman or a woman wants to be accepted as a man, the society should be open enough to respect their identities.

As these thoughts subsided and I was greeting the hostel security on the way, I had the eureka moment. The trans genders would make good security guards. Why wouldn’t they? Or they can work in IT firms as well. For god sake, they can do any work, which men and women do. But, why didn’t I see that happening in my last twenty years.

People prefer unethical people above ethical trans genders. This is a typical “known devil over unknown angel” analogy. Probably, these people are shunned out of all such job opportunities. The society is not sensitized about their issues.
I get it. This is a vicious circle. They don’t get any opportunities, due to which they resort to begging, which in turn…...

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