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Local Area Networks – The Basics
Chapter 7
Learning Objectives
After reading this chapter, you should be able to:
• • • • • • • •

State the definition of a local area network List the primary function, activities, and application areas of a local area network Cite the advantages and disadvantages of local area networks Identify the physical and logical local area networks Cite the characteristics of wireless local area networks and their medium access control protocols Specify the different medium access control techniques Recognize the different IEEE 802 frame formats Describe the common local area network systems

Chapter Outline
1. Introduction 2. Primary Function of Local Area Networks 3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Local Area Networks 4. The First Local Area Network – The Bus/Tree 5. Star-Wired Bus LANs 6. Medium Access Control Protocols a. Contention-based protocols 7. Bridges a. Transparent bridge 8. Switches a. Virtual LANs b. Isolating traffic patterns and providing multiple access c. Full-duplex switches

9. Popular Local Area Networks a. Wired Ethernet b. Wireless Ethernet 10. IEEE 802 a. IEEE 802.3 and 802.5 frame formats 11. LANs In Action: A Small Office Solution 12. LANs In Action: A Home Office Solution 13. Summary

Lecture Notes
A local area network (LAN) is a communication network that interconnects a variety of data communicating devices within a small geographic area and broadcasts data at high data transfer rates with very low error rates. Since the local area network first appeared in the 1970s, its use has become widespread in commercial and academic environments. It would be very difficult to imagine a collection of personal computers within a computing environment that does not employ some form of local area network. This chapter begins by discussing the basic layouts or topologies of the most commonly found…...

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