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Explication of “You Thought I Was That Type” by Anna Akhmatova

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Sharetta Moore
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24 March 2014
Explication of “You Thought I was That Type” by Anna Akhmatova
In the literary poem, “You Thought I was That Type” by Anna Akhmatova, she showed no feeling of sorrow and compassion caused by the suffering and misfortunes of others. There was a stunning woman that didn’t have any kindness or forgiveness that was shown especially to somebody a person had power over; but knowing how to survive in the real world and being an individual that had the necessary emotional qualities to deal with stress, grief, loss, risk, and other difficulties. The reader is able to see that something throughout the marriage wasn’t good by interpreting line 12 "And by the fire and smoke of our nights", which shows they didn’t have peaceful nights. In line one “You thought I was that type”, the speaker is saying that someone took the wrong perception of her character by basing it off of things that wasn’t true ending up taking her for someone she really wasn’t. In line two “that you could forget me”, the speaker is saying that they couldn’t ever forget her since they made up their own view of what role she played in their life. In line three “and that I’d plead and weep and throw myself”, the speaker is saying that she tried to do everything she could think of to make herself be the one for this person but nothing would work so in result she was in sorrow. In line four, “under the hooves of a bay mare”, the speaker is saying that she would try to hide herself from all the pain she had the best way she could. In the next stanza the speaker goes on to explain what she needed and wanted to do in the situation throughout the poem. In line five, “or that I’d ask the sorcerers”, the speaker is saying that she didn’t know the answers to the questions she had so she would ask someone who is believed or claims to have magical…...

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