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Extent of Tqm in Blue Corals Malapascua

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Extent of TQM

Company Profile:
Blue Corals Beach Resort is located on Malapascua Island, a short boat ride away from the northernmost tip of mainland Cebu, Philippines. Malapascua is known for its beautiful corals, drawing divers and snorkelers alike. The island is famous for offering the possibility to see thresher sharks and manta rays, but a wide range of other coral fish can also be explored. Moreover, Malapascua offers relaxation on its white sandy beaches, unspoilt by mass tourism.
Blue Corals Beach Resort is situated on the tip of Bounty Beach, on a rock protruding from the clear blue sea. The hotel offers spacious rooms and bungalows, either air conditioned or fanned, and all equipped with a private bathroom including hot shower, and most with a private balcony or terrace. A luxurious international or Philippine breakfast is included in the rate. The resort has all the facilities and services you need for a truly relaxing and enjoyable vacation, including free WiFi, a restaurant and an outdoor bar where you can enjoy the best view of the island.

• Continuous Improvement Blue Corals Beach Resort ensures to give a quality service to customers not just to satisfy their needs but to exceed each customers expectation by continuously improving their service system. Giving employees regular training and workshops to ensure that customers are being entertain well and have an extra-ordinary stay in the island . Blue Corals annually renovate its place to make it more pleasing and attractive.

• Competitive Bench-marking The company is sole proprietorship, operated by a local family in the small island of Malapascua. Blue Corals doesn’t follow specific way on how to be competitive in the market but they ensure that the hospitality of being a local is always shown and they believe that it is their best weapon to compete in other establishments.

• Employee Empowerment Staffs in Blue Corals are one of the reason of the success of the business, it has been operating for the past 15 years and started only 9 rooms and now they expanded into 28 and having international third parties. Employees in the resort plays a very important role for they are being the heart of the company, they have been a very great partner for quality service. In returning the favor, right benefits are given to them one of which is free of meal, where they can cook anything they want in the kitchen. Also, as a reward they are given seminars and training to improve their skills and abilities and grow as individuals.

• Team Approach Being run by a local and administer by a foreign could be challenging in the part of the management, collaborating and sharing ideas can make a little clash sometimes.Though both parties wants for the better good of the company. Intense meetings and overtime talk is being practice to come up with the best decision for the betterment of the organization and employees.

• Decision Based on Facts rather than opinions Blue Corals have partnered international travel agency, which help them to increase their sales by giving guest to them through the process of online booking. And each travel agencies have certain extranet or accounts that the management have control with, it includes rooms availability, prices and the access to sold out rooms. The extranet have statistical records about the sales and bookings per week, month or year or it can be the other way around. These statistical information are not only basis for decision makings but this also serve as basis for the standing in the market.

• Knowledge of Tools As mentioned above, the company does not follow any standards or formal system for the improvement for it is only a small organization. However the organization to be competitive and improve their quality service they evaluate their standing through their monthly sales and by the help of their third parties which are the travel agencies.

• Supplier of Quality Blue Corals Beach Resort offers different kinds of room types with different rates, each room includes basic toiletries and free breakfast. Aside from rooms Blue Corals also offers basic breakfast to the guest, all the supplies and goods to be used are being delivered from their third party every Sunday. This third party is known nationwide for it also produces good quality products.

• TQM Champion To really maintain and value quality, the management ensures that all employees have understood their work in order for them to deliver their performance well and be effective in their jobs. The management ensures that employees have understood its purpose, vision and mission of the organization.

• Quality at Source To prevent defects of service the management regularly give them overview on things that they will be doing on that specific day. Employees will be given prior instructions before they will perform their task, they are also advise to ask queries during their work on things that are not clear to them.

• Suppliers Blue Corals Beach Resort does not only offer affordable rooms and bar with a breath taking view. They also offer breakfast to their guest which go with the price of the room. Though the breakfast can be considered as free as the management still ensure to serve a quality and delicious breakfast.In order for them to achieve its goal to serve a quality breakfast they have tap suppliers on their goods the supplier will deliver its order every Sunday. These supplier supplies different establishments not just around Cebu but as well as Manila, Davao, Samar and other parts of the country. It means, the supplier has good reputation and is well known in their quality products.



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