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Ready Aim Fire: At-Will Employment
BUS 311

The at-will employment doctrine “employment at-will means that employers are able to terminate ones employment at any time, for any cause - with or without notice. (Rogers, S. 2012) was put into place to protect both the employee and the employer. By making the employment at-will both the employer and employee can void the contract at any time without repercussions.
The "Employment At Will" Doctrine was created in the US in the late 1800's. This Doctrine was favored by employers since it gave them extreme freedom to run their business as they saw fit and protected them by the courts at the same time. As with most things that have too much freedom, abuses occurred that eventually gave rise to employee’s up-rising by joining unions. Due to this and the Civil Rights laws implemented in the 1960's, companies started documenting their policies regarding how, why, and when an employee could be terminated. The courts then held companies accountable for following their employee manuals which in recent times have made companies scrutinize their manuals very closely and frequently” (Butsch, R., & Kleiner, B. H. 1997) Many people assume that with the at-will doctrine being put into place would stop employers from taking advantage and still fire people at any time, whenever they felt like it leaving that employee floundering with unexpected loss of income. That assumption is only half right; the At-will doctrine means that an employee can leave also whenever they want leaving that employee shorthanded and possibly causing that employer money as well as time. There are both pros and cons to both sides when it comes to the at-will doctrine and this paper will give you examples of for both sides.
For employers when dealing with the at-will doctrine there are so very basic benefits that all employers…...

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