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Dear, Lee
I am writing to apply for the job of a Garment Packer, recently listed online.
I am a 16 year old living in Dunstable and I have just recently finished school and now I am ready for a full time or even part time job (whichever is available). I am very keen to work and will do whatever is needed of me to complete a task. I would be effective in this job role as I am a much organised, specific person so I could manage the work set. I am very committed. During my current job as a cleaner in my school when I was given study leave I still walked to school every day (Monday-Friday) to attend to work. I now feel I am ready to work longer hours and ready for a more challenging job. I pay attention to detail and are used to looking out for blemishes or things out of place due to my current cleaning job. I will work with no questions asked and will be happy to do anything. If I do get accepted for this job I have already notified my current employers that I will be leaving my current position on the cleaning team due to short hours and they appreciate my request, so I will be able to work as soon as possible.
I am currently waiting for the rest of my results but I already have obtained 5 GCSE’s and I still have more to wait for. The ones a…...

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