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Problem with work life balance

Flexible work time: Flexible work time is a big issue for the employees who work in a garment factory as well as Square Textile Ltd. All the employee has a fixed time schedule to follow. Employees complained that they don’t get flexible work time which causes them major harm in their personal life. They said they have also a personal life and company should admit it as a consideration. When a emergency situation occurs and an employee cannot attend work place s/he got punished by cutting the salary. So employees are not satisfied with the behavior of the company thus they do not get the motivation to work in a proper way.
Food and children issue:
Square textile ltd. Is situated at gazipur and all the employee go there every day for their work. As it is far away from Dhaka city, it takes time to reach there; as a result the employees don’t get enough time to buy food and prepare them for the house. Specially women’s are the victim, they have to take care of their children also along with preparing the food. Parents working in the factory they cannot spend proper time to raise their children. As a result they got tensed and can not work properly thinking out of their children.
Lack of work life balance lead the employees to mental stress which sometime can cause major disease. Too much work load and less time for personal life demotivate the employees of Square textile ltd. Mental pressure of too much work cause them major health issue and they could not perform to the benchmark and it is not productive towards the company.…...

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