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General vs Vocational Path in Europe

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Who is the Winner Between Vocational and General Education?

No one can argue that education system is very important to modern day’s life. Most people in the world spend their very first decades with it. This is because we value its so much. However, we value it differently. Some said education teaches us not only academic knowledge, but also unconsciously help us to learn about social norm and moral. On the other hand, since the world become more and more competitive, we cannot argue about one of the most important functions of it, preparation for labor market. Each year, new workforces enter the labor market. Most of them just finished from education system and have no job experience. On the other side, companies prefer employees who already have some related job experience, so youth people are seen as second choice. According to World Bank, in 2012 where high-income OECD countries faced 5.7 percent unemployment rate, the unemployment rate of labor below 25 year olds was double at 18.3 percent. The difference between two indicators remains around double throughout the decade. Moreover, the problem of youth unemployment especially with high unemployment rate such as Spain where half of those below 25 year olds cannot find jobs. From these statistics we can say that youth European have the problem. However, vocational education can help them. With the idea of learning to working, vocational student have internship experience with companies since they were in school. So, they can easily adapt to new work place (1st). Since vocational student learn on skill-based curriculums, however, many argues that they will relatively harder to adapt to new change comparing to general student who learned concept-based curriculum. This seems to be the trade-off between two tracks of education. In this work, I will investigate which system, vocational or general education,…...

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