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D. Specific Gravity * Procedure: I borrowed a refractometer from the counter and held it in a horizontal position and placed a small amount of urine on the capsule with the support of a dropper, then I looked into the scope of the refractometer to see the measurement of the specific gravity of the urine sample. * After doing the experiment, I threw the urine in the toilet and cleaned the container that I used to put the urine

-To find the specific gravity of the urine sample

The specific gravity of the urine is 1.032 which tells us that the specific gravity of the urine is normal

Study Guide Questions: 1. What is the specific gravity of normal urine? What factors can cause a deviation from the normal range? The normal range of specific gravity of urine should be 1.000-1.035. But, there are several cases in which if the measurement of the specific gravity of urine may exceed or may fall behind the average value, which may lead to minimal or severe cases, below are the cases of an irregular measurement of specific gravity: If the specific gravity of urine exceeds, there are possible cases of: -Dehydration, addisons disease, diarrhea, heart failure,renal arterial stenosis, shock, SIADH Meanwhile, if the specific gravity of urine falls behind the average value, there are possible cases of: -aldosteronism, excessive fluid intake, diabetes, kidney failure, renal tubular necrosis, severe kidney infection

2. When do specific gravity and density have the same numerical value?

When substances have identical densities of water at 4 Celsius

3. What is a urinometer? How would you compute for the corrected reading of urine sample using a urinometer? A urinometer is a piece of equipment determining the specific gravity of urine. You place the urinometer in a tube or container filled with urine and after placing the urinometer in the container, the urinometer will float and the meniscus will display the specific gravity of urine

4. What apparatus, urinometer or refractometer, would you consider to be more accurate and convenient to use? Explain your answer.
The refractometer is more accurate and convenient due its technology and how advanced it is compared to the urinometer.…...

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