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Communication Styles Worksheet 1 GEN/195 Version 7

University of Phoenix Material Communication Styles Worksheet
You spent the past few days exploring the resources available to students at University of Phoenix, and you want to share what you learned with a friend who is interested in enrolling.

Write a 150­ to 200­word e­mail to your friend summarizing the resources available to students. U know im enrolled in university of phoenix online now right? Girl let me tell you bout all the stuff that we can use to help us with our homework. Girl there is a library that is available to us 24/7, we can go on there and look up anything that we need to find, it is so easy to use. Then we have the center for writing excellence and what that is, it’s like a workshop to help you with your English spelling and grammar. I know that you suck at math so there is another workshop like thing to help you with math and it helps you if you have math anxiety and how to deal with it. Oh I almost forgot to mention the write point if you summit your paper it will correct all your mistakes and then you can go back later and fix it before you turn it in. But yeah this is a good school you should enroll the teachers are great well the ones that I have and all my classmates are friendly and not only that girlfriend it is super easy.

You asked your facilitator to review your e­mail draft. She liked what you wrote and asked you to write a summary to post in the class forum for the other students to read.

Write a 150­ to 200­word summary for your class of the resources available to students. Remember to write using an academic tone.

Hello everyone! I am very excited about the resources available to us here at Phoenix. I feel as if everything is right at my fingertips. Students can access the Phoenix University Library where he/she can search the database for almost literally any subject in the world. It is also very credible. The library offers such extensive tools such as submitting a paper for review, student labs, tutoring, and plagiarism checking. All of these are free and very simple. I had no trouble with any of them. My other favorite resource is the discussion boards. Students can post casual or formal communication on here, and this makes for a very exciting discussion on a weekly basis and offers students to read each other opinions and learn from each other. Students can access the discussions and participate in many, many discussions. I am very excited, and hope you are too about all of the resources that have been given to us students!

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