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Charlize: Hey Elise how are you? Did you like the brochure I gave to you? You know the “listen to god and live forever”?
Elise: Yeah I guess it was alright
Charlize: What do you mean? Didn’t you like it?
Elise: No I did like it. It’s just that well I didn’t really believe the things it was saying.
Charlize: Like what?
Elise: It talked mostly about god’s word and his promises. I just didn’t get how such promises could ever come true. I mean it doesn’t seem real. The thought that God will destroy wickedness and everything bad in the world sounds impossible.
Charlize: I can definitely see where you are coming from Elise. Have you ever heard of Cyrus?
Elise: No I don’t think so.
Charlize: Well, he was a ruler in the Persian Empire and lived over 2000 years ago. You might be thinking what’s interesting about this man? He was someone who was mentioned in the bible and was used by god to fulfil a prophecy. Do you know what a prophecy is?????
Elise: Isn’t a prophecy something that will happen in the future?
Charlize: Yes exactly. So if someone said something about the future and his words always came true, what would you think of that person?
Elise: I suppose I would believe everything he said.
Charlize: Well the bible is FULL of prophecies that have come true. For example Cyrus. Why don’t we learn a little bit more about him? Let’s have a look at Isaiah 44:26-28. Do you mind reading that?
Elise: (READ)
Charlize: Notice in verse 26 it talks about the one making the word of his servant come true. So this is talking about Jehovah God, he is saying that what he says about the future will come true. Now in verse 27 it says that the waters will dry up and we learn in history that the king of Persia invaded Babylon. Have you heard of Babylon?
Elise: Yeah I am pretty sure I have.
Charlize: Babylon was one of the mightiest empires that ever existed, and the whole city was surrounded by water. So it would have been very hard for enemies to break in. One of the things that the king of Persia Cyrus did was he diverted the water away from the city. He then sneaked in with his army, and interestingly the large gates of the city were left open that night, so the Persians defeated Babylon that night. Also notice in verse 28 that it talks about Cyrus and Jehovah calls him my shepherd. In other words Jehovah was saying he was going to use Cyrus to lead his armies, just like a shepherd leads his sheep, to destroy Babylon You might be thinking so what right?
Elise: Yeah
Charlize: Well the point is when Isaiah said these words this was like 150 years before it actually happened.
Elise: Wow that is a long time.
Charlize: So how did the bible know that Cyrus was going to be the one destroying Babylon?
Elise: Maybe god told Isaiah what to write.
Charlize: Yeah that’s right. So this is just one example of how the bible has predicted the future. If the bible can predict what has happened in the past with 100% accuracy, don’t you think Jehovah can predict what is going to happen in our future? Can I read you something interesting about Cyrus?
Eli se: Yeah of course
Charlize: Cyrus is mentioned in an ancient tablet known as the Cyrus Cylinder. Part of it says: “I am Cyrus, king of the world, great king, legitimate king, king of Babylon.
So this proves that Cyrus existed.
Elise: Oh wow that is amazing. He was real.
Charlize: Yes he was. And he was in his bible too. Which means that the things said and promised would have to be true as well right?
Elise: Yeah. I think I can understand what you’re saying now. Epically if God helped Cyrus defeat the city of Babylon. That would have been really hard.
Charlize: Mmm it was. Now Elise before I leave would you mind if we went through the brochure, this time maybe we can do it together?
Elise: Yeah that would be great and more believable.…...

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