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Tom Brokaw believes that the World War Two generation, is the greatest genertion. In his book, he tells stories of magnificant bravery and determination this generation had, and the times of incredble hardships that this generation had to endure. This genertation was full of men and women willing to go above and beyond in order to serve their country in any way, shape or form they could, and their civil doings didnt stop their. They were people with great character willing to do anything needed to help others, and their country. Thomas Broderick was a premed student when the war started. He joined the Marines, where he had a private room, ate great food, and got a great pay. But alas, that wasnt enough service for Tom. he decided to quit and join the Airborne, which was one of the deadliest branches of the military. After Airborne training, his cptain offered him a sargent job, but he refused because he wanted to fight overseas. Only when he was fighting overseas he was shot in the tmple and he went blind . He returned home to his wife, where he started a insurance business and a family. he didnt let his blindness control his life. He was determined to succeed. From the beggining he wasnt the man to take the easy way out, he even wouldnt let his wife get handicap plates and refused to be handicapped. He did everything that a normal father and businessman would do. (p. 17-23)
Many of the soldiers in the war dropped out of high school in order to fight for their country. This is patriotism at its finest. The risked their education, not knowing how they were going to succeed after the war, just to serve. These non-high school graduates, understand that they might not make it back home after the war, and they were emotionally stable enough to deal with this. These soldiers were young, vigourous, and full of energy. Gordan Larsen, a Marine during the war, is a prime example of one of these kids. He fought on Guam, being mentally and emotionallt scarred for life. He came home, got his high school diploma and made a business fixing furnaces. Fighting in the war tamed his wildness and made him a man. Without his experiences he wouldnt the great man he became. (69-75)
The Kerry Corner kids were also true kid partiots. They grew up in the same neighbor hood, and elisted together. None were particularly spectacular, but they were the backbone of the war. Even after the war, they are still a tight knit group. Theyre all suceesful, and they get together once a month. Their nationalistic spirit is what also filled many other teenagers in this era. (77-83)
The men werent the only who contributed greatly to the war. WHile most were off fighting the war, the women were left to keep the factories going. Others were nurses for the war working on the frontline, and some were even fighting the war. Dorothy Haener worked in a Ford Motor factory, which started producin B-24's during the war. She worked hard, but when the war ended she lost her job to returning veterans. But she fought her way back into her job. She became a union leader for womens rights in the work place, and even became an almost type of boss to some of her male co-workers. (96-99) She was nothing spectacular, but she represents many of the other women who worked in factories during the war to keep supplying the soldiers. Women like Marion Rivers Nittel, Claudine Lingebach, and Alison Campbell, who worked in factories and shipyards, and as a WAVES messanger. (151-157) There were other woman who played a part directly to the military, leading, fighting, and nursing. Mary Hallaren was a colonel during the war, and after the war established a woman's branch of the military, despite her five foot height. (139-146) Margaret Ringenberg was a pilot in the WASP's. She wanted to be a stewardess but the realized that her sex couldnt stop her from doing what she really wanted to do, which was fly. (163-166) Mary Louise Roberts Wilson was a nurse who served in the Army Nurse Corps. She was in the open line of fire, and saw horrible wounds and deaths. (173-177)

Many veterans returned from the war with handicaps, but they didnt let it stop them from moving on with their lives and driving their military ethics into creating success. Bob Dole is one of these men. he came back from the war with a right arm that was almost completely useless. He took years to recover, and almost died from diseeases and some oother causes. But he didnt let it control his life, he kept striving for the best, and became a U.S Senator. He eventually became very successful. (342-348) Another wounded soldier who made something out of himself was, Daniel Inouye. He fought in an all Japanese-American group in Italy. When going on a misison to rescue some captured soldiers, he was shot many times and his right arm was shattered. But he didnt give up he kept firing and eventually took eight axis POW's. He also became a U.S Senator and was also a big part in the bill for getting Jap-Americans compensation for the mistreatment they received during the war. (349-356)

Like Dole and Inouye, many veterans became involved with politics. This even inlcudes former President Geaorage Bush. He served in the Navy Air Corps. He couldve had a safe job set up for him at home, but he decided to join the war and do his country some justice. As an effect of his war efforts, and how it shaped him, he became President of the United States. (273-278)

These women had a great tolerance for ignornance. They were treated unfairly, yet they still served their country at best they could. (96-99)

The people who contributed to the success of World War Two, men and women, are no doubt the greatest generation. The lived throught the dreariness and deprivement of the Depression and the horrifics of World War Two, but they didnt let that get to them. They strived for excellance, and the worked hard for it. Never taking the easy way out, because the hard way was the way the knew and how it was. Many veterans used the GI Act and went to collage, creating a generation full of knowledge with a great war ethic. Which meant more jobs, and a better economy. Also they raised their kids they way they were raised, driving their ethic into the new and upcoming generation, in hopes of creating one just as great.…...

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