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Analysing Bmw and the Automobiles Industry
BMW – the Bavarian based luxury car producer is seen as one of the most prestigious, stable and admired companies in the world. By 2008 the company sold 1.2 million automobiles under its largest brand – the BMW. In 2001 it very successfully launched the new Mini which is the only brand kept after the failed acquisition of the Rover group with sales rising to over 230 thousand in 2008. In 2003 Rolls Royce was added to BMW’s portfolio and sold 1,212 units in 2008 – an increase of 53% compared to 2004 (BMW Annual Report 2008, pp6-7). The company has not only one of the strongest brands worldwide and exclusively high profit margins of 8 – 10% but since 2007 it has been the world's top seller in the premium class (Hawranek, 2008).
Automobiles market in the 2000s
The next chapter will investigate the main trends within the automobile market starting with a general overview, followed by wider analyses of the environment as well as investigation of the competition in the car market.
General overview
In the 21st century the car industry can be described as mature, highly competitive and very dynamic. Despite being considered as global, automobile industry constitutes of three major areas – USA, Japan and Western Europe which together accounts for 80% of total sales (Lynch, 2006, p698) as well as almost 90% of total output (Donnelly et. al., 2002, 31). New markets, such as China, South America and Eastern Europe are emerging; however, as Lynch points out (2006, p697) the level of wealth differs among the various regions leading to highly varying customer preferences which need to be considered when entering new markets.
As a result of the fierce competition, the structure of the car industry has been changing radically. Extensive consolidation through acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic alliances has been taking place.…...

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