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Hotel Reservation System

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Public and private institutions are adopting new technology, techniques and styles in order to develop a fast and easy way in catering guest/customer’s needs. They used different tools as well as machines in order that tasks are easily done. Most common nowadays is the use of computers. A computer is an electronic device that is capable for input and output. It extends human capabilities due to the following attributes: speed of operation, memory capacity, reliability and cost-effectiveness for many applications that would contribute to speedy operation in every transaction (Long, 2001).
JKC Royale Trader’s Inn, Inc., is a classy hotel that caters highly equipped accommodationsfor any occasions. But in some instances, the hotel is having manual operations that causes the delay of activities, especially in rendering services such as; room reservation, hall booking for any occasions, additional facilities and other services. Due to the huge losses, difficulty in location of guest files attributed by the large number of guests files, location of guest files during checking in, updating of daily expenditures, receipts generation and checking out are extremely difficult for the hotel employees. The physical files occupy too much space of about two rooms full of storage cabinets. The spaces could have otherwise been used for income generation by the hotel.
In this case, the researchers decided to propose a computerized check-in and reservation system to solve the problems encountered by the personnel of the JKC Royale Trader’s Inn, Inc. The proposed check-in and reservation system is friendlier to the guests or customers and the personnel, improve customer care and services at the hotel, increase hotel performance, reduces human errors in recording and retrieving of guest or customers records, provides efficient and accurate information allows reliable transaction made…...

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