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How Technology Has Affected Our Communication

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How Technology Has Affected Our Communication I chose an article from The New York Times about how technology affects communication between children and their friends. Some parents believe the advancement in technology is good because it allows their children to build stronger and closer friendships. Children have instant access to text messaging, instant messaging, Facebook, and other social networking. This allows children to talk to their friends constantly about whatever comes to their mind. Yet, other parents believe their children need face-to-face interaction with their friends. When children are using the social network, they miss out on social cues like facial expressions and body language. Some children in the younger generation cannot even read social cues because they have never been exposed to them.
I am not against children learning about our increasing technology because I think it will be beneficial to them later in life, but as children, I think more face-to-face interaction should occur. Like we talked about in chapter one, communication can easily be misunderstood. Two really good friends could be communicating through text messaging, and one could easily misinterpret what the other one was saying. This could cause unnecessary tension in friendships that would have never occurred if they were having this conservation face-to-face. More than likely, the receiver would have been able to read the senders body language in this example.
After reading this article, I plan to have more face-to-face interaction with my friends. Although phone calls and text messages are not a bad idea for quick or unimportant information, important conversations should be held in person to avoid misunderstanding, and it is possible for one to get his point across much faster when talking to someone in person. Although technology has made it much easier…...

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