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How to Communicate Effectively

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How to Communicate Effectively With Any Learning Style


Foundations of General Education and Professional Success / GEN/200

September 16, 2011


Abstract In 1938 Howard Gardner a Harvard University professor changed the way intelligence and learning is perceived with his theory of multiple intelligences (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits, 2007). According to Professor Gardner, there are eight different intelligences and each of these them have different characteristics that affect the way we perceive things and learn. His research also discovered that we all have multiple intelligences and that the way we learn and communicate directly depends on which of our intelligences are most developed (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits, 2007). Of the eight different Intelligences, this paper will focus on only three, Intrapersonal, Verbal-Linguistic, and Visual-Spatial). This paper will attempt to explore how individuals with each of these intelligences can effectively communicate within a group environment, and will also explore the different personality types and how individuals with these personality types can effectively communicate and contribute to any team or group.

How to Communicate Effectively With Any Learning Style
A Harvard University professor named Howard Gardner discovered in 1983 that there are at least eight intelligences that everyone possesses, but he also stated that some intelligences are more or less developed than others (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits, 2007). According to his theory if we find a task very difficult we are using an underdeveloped intelligence to complete the task, and if we find a task easy we are using a more developed intelligence
(Carter, Bishop, & Kravits, 2007).
Areas of Intelligence Each of the areas of intelligence has many strengths, along with many weaknesses. Persons with each highly developed area of each these intelligences also have different communication and learning styles. This is why it is so important to have a diverse set of team members with different intelligences within a group so that all areas of the project can be addressed effectively. For instance someone with an intrapersonal intelligence usually does not enjoy working in groups or teams, but would prefer to work on a project alone. Persons with this type of intelligence or said to have the ability to understand oneself and to or also aware of their own weaknesses (Giles, Pitre & Womack, 2003). One would not want a team with everyone possessing this same intelligence type. Within a group setting, someone with the intrapersonal intelligence would better serve as a team leader. They would function well with setting up team meetings, making sure the team is on track with turning in assignments on time. Verbal-linguistic is another intelligence discovered by Gardner. Persons possessing this type of intelligence are superior at writing, reading and thinking in words. They learn best when they able to read and to speak and discuss issues. Persons with this intelligence enjoy group projects and are usually good at speaking publicly (Giles, Pitre & Womack, 2003). Someone with this intelligence type would serve the team best as being the presenter of the team project or the speaker for the group. Persons with the visual-spatial intelligence enjoy maps, reading charts, and puzzles. These intelligence types usually enjoy working with pictures, drawing, and design (Giles, Pitre & Womack, 2003). Someone with this Intelligence type would serve a team best by being in charge of design, whether it is graphs, charts, or PowerPoint presentations.
Personality types When trying to organize a team, one should also try to determine not only intelligences, but also personality types of each individual. There are basically four different personality types and each would play a very distinctive role within a group setting. The first personality type is the organizer. This personality type would serve the team well because they are very reliable, detail oriented and neat and organized. There is also the thinker personality, this person has the ability to analyze and solve problems effectively. This person would serve a team more efficiently by coming up with ideas for new team projects. Another personality type is the giver. This person usually gets along with everyone and tries to promote harmony within a group. This person would also serve well as an unbiased conflict solver for the group. The final personality type is the adventurer; persons with this personality type are very spontaneous and love a challenge. They are very flexible and also very daring and love a challenge. This person would serve the group best by being a negotiator or spokesman for the group. Carter, Bishop, & Kravits (2007).

Conclusion Being able to communicate effectively within a team environment is very crucial to being an effective member of any team. Teams whether formed at school or at work are part of our society to stay, and although teams can be very effective in getting certain task completed, the careful selection of team members is very important. Historically it has been proven that teams most effective when they include team members with multiple learning styles and personality types. (Team Dynamics in a Classroom Environment, 2011)


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