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How to Motivate Employees

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“How to motivate employees”

Positive motivation within an organization today is more important than ever to achieving success. Organizations need to understand the concept of motivation, which comes in a variety of forms such as total rewards, perks or recognition within the corporation. Motivation also leads to higher productivity, greater profits and longevity. It is very for managers to understand how to motivate employees to perform at high level.

“How to Motivate Employees” Most organizations have begun to realize the importance of keeping employees motivated. When an employee enjoys their working environment, they are more prone to success within the organization. One of the main goals of a leader is to motivate his/her associates. Many organizational executives as well as scholars of organizational behavior have noticed the positive impacts of motivating and coaching. As Stone states, “As a coach, you can motivate, inspire, and encourage” (Stone, 1999, p. 31). Maslow’s Theory of Human Needs, which “recognizes that people have a range of needs, and the extent to which they will perform effectively in the workplace will be affected by the extent to which these needs are satisfied” (Nelson & Quick, 2013, p. 165). Maslow proposed five basic human needs, which consist of “Physiological needs Safety needs, Social needs, Esteem needs, and Self-actualization needs” (Nelson & Quick, 2013, p. 165). Maslow believed that one need would have to satisfy before the next need becomes dominant. He believed needs are divided into two different levels. “Physiological and Safety needs were lower level needs compared to Social, Esteem and Self-actualization needs” (Nelson & Quick, 2013, p. 166). What is motivation and how does it affect the employee or organization? While there are many definitions…...

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