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How to Recruit and Choose Employees

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How to Recruit and Choose Employees

In our economy business and corporations have to select qualified and experienced employees. Yet it is always determined on information that is brought to the table when selecting these new employees. Some employees that are selected are by these different processes such as help-wanted advertisement, private employment agencies, and by internet recruiting or by employee referrals (Justin G. Longenecker, 2013). These different types of ways determine whether or not an employee is hired and if they have a good back ground and a resume.
Now when people hire through help-wanted advertisements, they tend to post signage in the front of their store or by placing ads on billboards so that everyone can see. Even though, some business will use things like television ads, newspaper ads, or even radio advertisement, it tends to help their process of hiring new candidates into their company. While other companies will tend to use private employee agencies that will help these companies select the potential employee. Some private employee agencies will even select these employees to work for them after their term of service is over. This is why they tend to do things like evaluate applications to select the proper candidates to interview them (Adduci, 2009). Otherwise they will call their references to see if they have any information on the candidates that they have selected (Adduci, 2009).
While many companies use these other methods it is common to see business use things like internet recruiting sites and employee references (Justin G. Longenecker, 2013). By using internet recruiting sites it tends to help some companies narrow down their potential candidates as well as finding out information on back grounds to these candidates. While as employee references tend to help out from time to time but it is rarely used in most companies. It also tends to put employee who recommends someone for a job on the spot and when someone does not work out so well it makes it that much harder for these types of employees to recommend other potential candidates later on (Adduci, 2009). Otherwise, if there is someone that they do find worthy of the selected position, some corporation will offer a substantial reward for these employees selecting their new candidate for them.
In conclusion, when companies use these types of methods, it will help many companies determine their employee to production ratio. Some corporations will find potential employees selecting candidates when they hear or see that these knew employees are going to be worth their time in training new employees to fill these positions.
If I was to select new candidates for my company I would use these same methods as other corporation. Plus I would do extensive back ground research to see if they have a criminal back ground as well as a drug history. When I have selected my candidates for my company I would use selective wording to ask my questions and see what answers these new candidates have to say. This is why I would you these types of methods to secure my type of business.

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