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Hr Pratics in Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd.

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There have been several limitations we have faced while completing the term paper. At every stage in this study we have been tried to be done with reasonable level of competence in the field of Human Resource Department. Despite of these efforts some internal and external shortcomings have been observed while doing the information collection, field working and editing and analyzing the data obtained from the respondents.

The major limitations are as the followings:

1. Most of the respondents are not encourage to our survey, so a big portion of response error has been occurred at the initial stage.

2. No pre-contact with the employees have been ensured prior to the survey, which was necessary.

3. Relevant papers and documents were not available sufficiently because of confidentiality. In many case, up to date information is not available. The lack of knowledge about the sources of secondary data is also a limitation of this study.

4. Information was taken by bank from Dhaka city in one Branch only; it does not represent the rest of the country.

5. Some of the options are not adequately categorized. Where the information about the compensation of the employees as their demographic information has to be given; there could be a customize option for Compensation. This limitation results in a number of response errors.

6. In some cases lack of coordination with the some of the employees has caused turbulence & confusion while creating the report. It also has affected the research conduction.

7. Problem has been faced regarding time management. Time constraint is a major limitation. To conduct a longer period of time should be spent to get a representative outcome.

For the above reason, the term paper extent complicated for me.

A. Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. (IBBL).

Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd. Is…...

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