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Hrm Strategy and Csr

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Reflective Journal for Week 8
HRM Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility

In the 1970’s, Friedman (1970) stated that the only social responsibility of an organisation is the profit maximization. However, the definition of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has changed over time. The current definition of CSR is a process with the aim to embrace responsibilities for the company’s actions and encourage positive impacts through its activities on the environment and all stakeholders (Crane, Matten, & Spence, 2014; Lis, 2012; Mallin, 2009). As a company which presents a good CSR, The New Belgium Beer Brewery was introduced in the lecture. They are making great efforts to minimize their impact on the environment, such as utilizing renewable energy, innovating a smart grid and reducing waste.
In the prescribed reading, Glavas and Piderit (2009) provides strong evidences that corporate citizenship positively influences employee behaviour. Their survey revealed that an employees’ perception of their company’s corporate citizenship influences their engagement, and can provide high-quality connections and creative involvement. Expand:
Companies with a reputation for high quality CSR may be more attractive to job applicants (Backhaus, Stone, & Heiner, 2002; Lis, 2012). Lis (2012) revealed that the effect of four different CSR-dimension (product, environment, diversity and employee relation) were significantly correlated with perception of organizational attraction, and diversity, for employees are most important to job seekers. Additionally, Glavas and Piderit (2009) found that companies that are good corporate citizens can also attract the best employees by providing meaningful work, which increases the retention of top talent and employee productivity.
The meaning and implementation of CSR differs from country to country (Crane et…...

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