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Image being fully intune with yourself. Both physically and mentally but most importantly spiritually. For many this is the way they feel, but the problem is not knowing how to find this combination. Has the answer been in front of us the whole time? Yes! The answer has been with us since the start of time. Hallucinogens are infused with human society more than you may think.

Used mainly for Spiritual proposes throw history hallucinogens have fond superficial use in the last hundred years. But I never read about drugs like acid being taken by knights in the dark ages. Although that might explain the dragon. But they did have peace pipes, bath houses and Medicine men. Medicine men and women are traditional healers and spiritual leaders. Much like barefoot doctors, herbalists, and witch doctors they believe in herbal medicine. Herbal medicine is healing throw nature and the things in it.

But if hallucinogens have been used throughout time than why are they manly illegal today? Vary simple those in power wish to subdue the mass population by feeling their heads with propaganda and ideas. By using media and religion to manipulate actions and ideals. They are telling you what to think what to do had how to feel. If there is divan intervention shouldn't we all find the same path on our own?

Dimethltryptanine (DMT) is commonly known as the sprit molecule and for good reason. It is found in in all living beans. This includes plants and humans in small amounts, DMT projects you into your inner self and fades the line between the physical and Spiritual world. The feeling of fifteen thousand years have passed in fifteen minutes allowing for self-searching from within. But DMT is a new drug. This statement could not be farther from the truth. Like peyote being used by Native Americans ayahuasca, which contains DMT has been used Spiritualty for hundreds of years in South America.

Hallucinogens can be used Spiritualty. To form concretizes and for deeper understanding Acid, peyote, mushrooms and many other drugs should be used moderately of course. But how can you be ageist something you haven't tried and know nothing about? Used responsibly many drugs can be used to heal and enlightening.…...

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