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Notes for Lab Report: Cow Eye

-This is a full lab report and it must be typed

-You must come up with an Aim (there is no hypothesis for this lab)

-You must list the materials using the lab handout as a guide but remembering to accurately list any substitutes that have been made by the teacher

-You must write your own procedure based on the informal one provided in the hand-out -REMEMBER: do not use “I” or “you” in a formal lab report -Steps need to be numbered -Steps need to be clear and concise; when in doubt break up an instruction into two steps -Steps need to state what exactly you what the person to do, including “make observations”

EXAMPLE: Cow’s Eye dissection hand out page 5, step 7

#) Locate the vitreous humor at the back of the eye and make all appropriate observations #) Locate the lens in the vitreous humour and remove it #) Record all appropriate observations concerning the lens

-You must make observations and organize them appropriately -This can be done with 2-3 words per observation -Not all structures will require the same observations

EXAMPLE: Observation Table
|Structure |Qualitative Observation |
| |Quality |Observation |
| | | |
| | | |
|Aqueous Humour | | |
| |Location…...

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