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Applying the SARA Model to Local DRUG Problems

The Crime Triangle or Problem Analysis Triangle is another useful tool when developing a law enforcement response to gang problems. It leads law enforcement to consider the characteristics of offenders, places, and victims or targets in developing an analysis of the gang problem and crafting responses.

Scanning for DRUG Problems

Scanning is the first step in the SARA process. During the scanning phase it is important to identify recurring problems that concern the police and the public and to understand their consequences. In this case, gang crime, gang drug dealing, or groups of youths hanging out and disturbing the community may be identified as the problem, but the consequences are wider-reaching and may include such things as disrupted traffic, increased violence, disorder in neighborhoods, or increased public fear of crime

Analyzing the DRUG Problems

Identify the relevant data to collect and the sources of those data

Find out what is known about the gang problem both in your jurisdiction and in nearby jurisdictions

Construct an inventory of how the specific gang problem is being dealt with and the shortcomings or assets of each approach

Develop as narrow a scope of the problem as possible

Develop a working hypothesis about why the problem is occurring

we can collect information on the area that the drug trafficking is happening at and try to talk to neighbors that think that they may know a few of the people that is selling and making the drug deals. And around to get there input and ask them do they want to help put a stop to this.

Responding to the DRUG Problems

If a community chooses to engage only in suppression, it would not have much effect on the overall drug problem because the drug problem is larger than…...

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