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Implementation of New Digital Audio Workstation - Fl Studio

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Progress Report with working outline/rough draft

For Margaret Sledziewski,

Prepared by: Bilal Zaheer


November 2, 2007
Steamline Production

To: Margaret Sledziewski
From: Bilal
Date: November 1, 2007
Re: Progress report Implementation of new digital audio workstation - FL Studio

On October 19, 2007, I proposed an Implementation of new digital audio workstation - FL Studio. After your approval of my project, we have encountered a couple problems but other than that everything is going well and all the work will be done by November 19, 2007. This memo reports the progress report, the problem we have encountered and the conclusions.

As you know, FL Studio is a digital audio workstation which can record, mix, create, and edit sounds. It has a sequencer that makes it possible to create beats from patterns, which is the foundation of any track. The program currently used by the firm is fairly complicated and hard to use. This results in poor production. By using FL studio, we can create exact tracks which we intend to make. In my research I found that our competition has increased. Other similar companies have also upgraded their software to assist them in meeting their clients’ demands. I however, found out that none of them are using this software. This software is very helpful for our music industry and can give us an upper hand against our competitors.

Project Progress 1. What we have researched is our customer satisfaction; we have found a way to compete with other companies and have so far succeeded in our process. 2. With many meetings we have gathered information and have made some changes to FL Studios. 3. We worked as a team to implement the new digital audio workstation and are satisfied with the work done. Work in progress The product needs to be assessed in many ways. 1. Is the product easier to use? 2. Is it worth it for its monetary value? 3. Would our customers be satisfied? 4. How well does this product work? 5. Is it user-friendly? 6. Does it have all the features available that we require?

Work to be completed 1. Draft report. It will be edited as we work. 2. Oral report presentation. We will complete the draft and than get started in the oral presentation 3. Once we have done all of the above than we will get started on the final product which will be the good copy of the report.

Project completion schedule

|Activity |Time Allotted |Dates |Document |
|Project Progress |26 hours |Oct 7- Oct 28 |In progress |
|Changes made in FL Studios | | | |
|Write draft report |20 hours |Oct 31- Nov 5 |In progress |
|Oral Preparation |5 hours |November 13 |Slide show |
|Revise and edit |10 hours | |November 19 |

Project Problem and Their Solutions

Our customers want unique and excellent quality music. FL studio helps save time and money. Not only that, it can be very helpful with sample-based production. If we introduce this software in our company it will help us solve many problems.
Most important of all is can it help us out with time management problems that we regularly face. FL studio is one program that will help us satisfy our customers.


The team is working really hard to complete the project and I hope we get it done by November 19, 2007.
The project was very difficult but the team pulled it together and we are almost done this massive and imperative project. We have learned a lot from FL Studio and I hope we get to have more knowledge in the future working on more assignments such as this one. I hope this project becomes as successful as we wish for it to.
Thank you for all the time, support and help you have provided us. We gladly appreciate it. Regards,leave a space between the salutation and your name.


Summary include your table of contents
List of Illustrations


1.1 Purpose 1.2 Background 1.3 Project Description

2.0 New digital audio workstation - FL Studio

2.1 Evaluation Criteria 2.2 Benefits and Features 2.3 Personnel

3.0 Solutions

3.1 Possible Solutions

4.0 Budget

2.2 Cost

5.0 Conclusion and recommendations

Works Cited

| | | | | | |
| |Needs improvement |Meets most expectations |Exceptional |Grade |Your mark |
| Introduction and Project |(3 points) information is |(7 points) Provides some|(10 points) Provides |10 |8 |
|description (action opening) |unclear |information |excellent information| | |
| background |(3 point) poorly |(7 points) some details |(10 points) clearly |10 |8 |
| |organized/missing |missing on background |reminded reader about | | |
| |background information |information |key background | | |
| | | |information | | |
|Details of Progress work |(7points) |(13 points) missing some|(20 points) Clearly |20 |16 |
|completed/to complete |unclear/insufficient detail|details of progress |detailed progress | | |
|Details of Progress |(7 points) poorly |(13 points) some details|(20 points) Well |20 |17 |
|-problems/setbacks or advantages |organized/missing details |missing |organized | | |
|indentified and explained | | | | | |
|Detail of work to be completed |(3 point) poorly |(7 points) some details |(10 points) Well |10 |8 |
| |organized/missing |missing |organized | | |
|Concluding Comments |(3 points) poor summary, |(7 points) good |(10 points) excellent|10 |7.5 |
| |details are missing. |summary, some details |summary of project | | |
| | |missing | | | |
|Report Organization -basic stucture |(3 points)No memohead, |(7 points)Proper |(10 points)Proper |10 |8 |
| |signature,unclear reader |memohead clear effective|memohead clear | | |
| |connection and well planned|reader connection and |effective reader | | |
| | |well planned |connection and work | | |
| | | |planned | | |
|Format, Grammar (and if work |(3 points) Poor grammar, |(7points) Some |(10 points) No |10 |8 |
|paraphrased proper citation used and|sentence structure and |grammatical errors, |grammatical errors, | | |
|referenced) |general organization. |reading is |writing style is | | |
| | |slow/confusing at times.|clear, concise and | | |
| | | |confident | | |
|Total mark | | | |100 |80.5 |
| | | | | | |
|Your mark out of 10 | | | |10.0 |8.1 |
| | | | | | |
| | | | | | |…...

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