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Records management is defined as the systematic life-cycle management of records that includes identification, collection, classification, storage, retrieval, and, eventually, disposition. There are many elements which fall under the management of patient records including but not limiting to, patient data maintenance, identifying, classifying, and storing records, and identifying information requiring capture. Questions six thru twelve of the interview assignment from week four discuss similarities and differences between the circulation, tracking and security measures for records handling and storage within small, medium, and large facilities. Upon reviewing questions six of the interview assignment which states if paper records: How many different locations are there in your department that patient files may be found? (For example, are there some temporary holding areas in addition to a permanent area? I can conclude that smaller offices which use paper filling system on average have less holding stations for medical records while medium facilities tend to have a few more holding and the majority of larger facilities use electronic medical records in which case this question does not apply. Smaller facilities likely have less holing stations than medium size facilities since they have less patient as well as less staff. In my opinion having a low number of holding stations where charts may be found helps to eliminate misplacing charts. For instance, if there are only two holding areas for charts the likelihood of misplacing a chart is lesser than that of a facility which has five holding stations for charts that are not field. Today, there are many security measures within small, medium and large facilities. There are secure rooms, passwords, access codes and other things to keep records safe. If these security measures are not in place, then the medical facility…...

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