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A young girl, only 13 years old, was abducted, for the first time, while on her way home from a relative’s house. I say for the first time, because these abductions happened up until this young girl was 15 years old. This took place back in 1969, in a little rural area called Flatwood, Alabama. During these abductions this 13 year old girl she was sexually assaulted, beat unmercifully, and even choked, and held captive in the woods days on end. Who could do such a thing? You ask right? A distant relative of the family, that's who. He was an adult that had been watching her. No one was the wiser, not even her mother or father questioned the long periods of time that she was not at home. Long story short, this same young lady has gone on to become a mother of five grown children, inspirational speaker, minister and evangelist. She is the author of the book titled "Who Am I, Where Am I Going, and How Did I Get Here? (You can purchase it online at She is a dear and very close friend of mine and her name is Mrs. Roxanna Hanna. She's like a mother/big sister to me. What’s so ironic is that there were people that saw what had happened to her, but because of that era and time nothing was done to the perpetrator. After years of counseling with God she got the courage to put that experience down on paper (because it was REAL and IT did happen). She now counsels children about being safe and not being afraid to talk about life experiences to a safe adult. Roxanna was also able to counsel one of the women that got away from the convicted serial killer in Cleveland named Anthony Sowell. It's sad what she endured, but it would have been even sadder if there was no one to tell her story. She was able to tell her own story. And through telling her story someone heard of her and told someone and then that someone told someone and etc...…...

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