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“The world is complex and turbulence is growing” (Kotter and Cohen, 2002). We live in a very fast paced world. Things are changing rapidly. Ironic as it sounds, change is one of the very few consistencies in the world. But yet we look at change as a brief disruption in life. It is this view of change that causes stress in people. Change at work can be a major contributor of stress. Whether it is downsizing or changes in leadership, change within an organization takes place all the time. Changes within an organization usually occurs when a company wants to improve the performance of the organization. Change is inevitable in today’s business community in order to meet the needs and demands of an ever changing marketplace. Globalization, rapid advances in technology, and a declining economy are some of the challenges organizations face today. If an organization wants to stay in business and increase profits, it needs to adapt and change very quickly. Moreover, having the right people within an organization to effect change is critical. Most change efforts are unsuccessful due to resistance and lack of support. Most people are afraid of change, and managers have to be very skilled in getting the employees to commit to implementing the changes. In the book, The Heart of Change, Kotter and Cohen illustrate a step by step a process to implement effective change in the workplace. The process comprises of eight steps an organization can use to effectively accomplish change and achieve success. Through the use of personal testimonies of successful organizational change, the authors demonstrate the effectiveness and utilization of their methods. The methods for organizational change prescribed by Kotter and Cohen are related to many of the theories taught in this course. In this integrative paper, I will compare the eight steps for successful large scale change in an…...

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