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Is Jesus Really the Savior

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Nash Chapters 7-11
Is Jesus the Only Savior

Delores Underwood

THEO 313-B02
Dr. Daubert

October 12, 2013

Ronald Nash wrote a book called Is Jesus the Only Savior. It discusses his gathered findings and distinctions between Pluralism and Inclusiveness. This paper will explore some of Ronald Nash’s observations and the arguments, logics and Scripture used to support his writings. This paper will discuss several Religious leaders some pluralist others inclusivists, non-Christians, Christians and their beliefs, philosophies or opinions. In this paper the details of inclusiveness is discussed.
It seems that everyone has a somewhat varied definition of inclusiveness. Nash has in his book that “inclusivism because its adherents believe that the scope of God’s salvation is significantly wider than that held by exclusivists-so wide in fact that it includes many people that have not explicitly believed in Jesus” (Nash,1994, p. 9). Actually inclusivists believe that salvation is impossible without Christ and they agree He is the only Savior. But they differ from the many in saying that limiting salvation can’t be right. They question what happens to those who have not heard of Christ or don’t believe because they simply have not been taught. (Nash, 1994) Nash talks a lot about others and their way of thinking such as John Hick, Gavin D’ Costa, John Sanders, Clark Pinnock, Stuart Hackett, Karl Rahner, Michael Barnes and others. “Gavin D’Costa a Roman Catholic inclusivist, states that his view affirms the salvific presence of God in non- Christian religions while still maintaining that Christ is the definitive and authoritative revelation of God” (Nash, p. 103). As Nash writes it comes through clearly that he not only stands firm in his own beliefs but he has the love for thy neighbor. Nash has a way of getting his points out…...

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