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Is Public Opinion Important

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Is Public Opinion Important?

During the eighteenth century the notion of the “Public Opinion” arose from the several important historical trends, particularly in growth of literacy, expansion of the merchant classes, the Protestant Reformation, and the circulation of literature enabled by the printing press (Donsbach, 2007). In early years, Public Opinion is mainly use for political purposes.

Public Opinion are two different concepts; Public meaning the people or the representation of the whole people. Opinion on the other hand, is distinguishing a matter of judgement based on facts. (Donsbach, 2007). Intertwined with each other, Public Opinion is combined view of a defined population, such as a particular demographic or ethnic group (Davinson, n.d.).

Public opinion is important; because it is how regular people can be heard (The Gallup Poll Organization, 2007), in a Democratic country like the Philippines the people is the vital source of power, they are the ones who elect and the one to choose the government body of the country, thus, the opinion of the people is very important in the sense that, in order to be a good and productive government, you should know what the people need, what the people wants and what the people think and judge, for them to know how to act according to what the public perceive.

As an individual, I believe that public opinion is important not only for the society but also for each individual that is living in it. Through the opinion of the public we can shape our own thoughts regarding the issues and other concerns, it might be different from them but what important is that the awareness and knowledge we could gain from the majorities opinion. For example, in the coming 2016 Presidential Election, as a first time voter, I want to learn and gain understanding from the polls and interviews coming from the citizens like me. In that sense what the public perceives may or may not affect my decision as a first time voter.

In conclusion, Public opinion is a combined view of people in a particular ethnic group or demographic area and it is important because it can be a way for the public to be heard and it can also help and affect in shaping the thoughts and opinion of different individuals.


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