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It Will Take More Than Marketing to Put Blackberry Back in Race

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It will take more than marketing to put BlackBerry back in race

Beset by technical difficulties and playing catch-up in the U.S., RIM's new team positions brand as a tool for those who get things done
Even a category as new as smartphones has its grandpas.
The onetime market leader, Research in Motion's BlackBerry, is on life support. While longtime customers still swear by them, the devices are now largely passed over for hip whippersnappers such as iPhone and Android.
RIM had a rapid descent, with its commanding position in U.S. market share vanishing within just a few years.
In 2009, BlackBerry had 44% of the market for smartphone operating systems, vs. Apple's 24% and Android's 9%, according to the NPD Group. But as consumers flocked to the web browsing and apps supported by its competitors, BlackBerry's lead evaporated.
At the end of last year, Android held 52% of the U.S. market and Apple 32%. BlackBerry's share had dwindled to less than 10%
The company that invented the smartphone, mobile instant messaging, and our head-down, always-texting culture risks being irrelevant to the next generation of U.S. mobile consumers.
What happened to the CrackBerry? Serious competitors, an aggressive smartphone marketing environment, the loss of key executives, product delays and marketing missteps have all played major roles. Yet the overarching problem may be plain-old inertia. It's not unknown in technology, where in a number of areas speedy newcomers have overtaken the old guard. The stalwart Kodak is in bankruptcy, and once-scrappy favorite Nokia is struggling.
"Over the last decade, RIM ruled the smartphone space. They didn't have to worry about marketing," said independent tech analyst Jeff Kagan. "But in the last four years, the Apple iPhone and Google Android transformed the space. … RIM…...

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