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Jodi Arias Articles

These are some of the essays that I have written about the Jodi Arias trial. Many more to come.

Alyce LaViolette is the second expert witness called by the defense in the Jodi Arias trial. Ms. LaViolette has a Masters degree and has worked since the 1970s in the field of domestic violence. She has been described by some as being a man hater.

For instance, attorney and radio host Jenny Hutt, in her appearance on the Dr. Drew show, referred to Ms. LaViolette’s testimony in the following way: “I feel like she`s just a man hater…she`s clearly prejudicial, and she just reads that she doesn`t like men.”

This criticism, valid or invalid, is also present in professional critiques, couched using terms such as “feminist perspective” and even extends to the personal reviews that can be found on

One reviewer, asked the question “did she ever meet a man who was not an abuser?” Obviously, the impression of Ms. LaViolette, as being a man hater, is legitimate in the minds of many people. She has left that impression with many readers and viewers of her work. This is not to say that Ms. LaViolette is a man hater, just because a number of people think her so. That would be unfair.

It would be fair to say this. Her behavior, her writing, her court testimony, has left a significant number of people with the impression that she is a man hater.

I don’t know if she is a man hater or is not. If she is, this is America and she has a right to hate men if she wants to. I don’t know that she hates men, hates Republicans, hates Democrats, hates the New England Patriots. I also, do not care to know.

As I have said, she has a right to hate anyone she wants or for that matter, no one. So why did I start this article by talking about the fact that she is leaving this…...

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