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April 3, 2014

Kareo is a web-based software that is used by many small practices. This EHR was developed by a physician, so it is relatively simple to use and navigate. It was first built to be used as a mobile app and then integrated onto the web. Kareo can be used anytime and anywhere, whether it is on your phone, an iPad, laptop, or a desktop computer. Since it is a based on the cloud, it makes it simpler for the practice to run their schedules, conduct reporting, and also process claims, a lot quicker. It includes free upgrades that provides updates every quarter along with features, and also performs automatic backups for security.
The cost for Kareo is surprisingly well priced, considering all of the features it includes. There are three different plans that range from completely free, to $299 a month per provider. If the practice chooses to opt into the billing services, then it charges as low as 4% based on volume and the practice specialty. There are also add on options that include processing credit cards from the PC for a small percentage plus $.30 per transaction; ability to print patient statements for $.74; and a one-time fee for importing patient demographics, which is $299 - $1,500.
Kareo offers practice management, which includes the ability to view graphs of the performance for the practice, registering patients securely, conducting electronic funds transfers, creating schedules to use throughout multiple resources, and also tracks productivity. Kareo offers the convenience of cloud that allows the user to operate the system from any electronic device with an internet connection, so that patient records can be accessed at any time, and you can work from anywhere. Training is provided completely free by Kareo and offers video, live webinars, and also individually paced training courses, where the user can train in their own schedule. The self-paced training course has 9 webinars. They may also be contacted directly by phone or by chat and they can assist with any help that is needed.
This EHR system is highly recommended based on the fact that is was developed by another physician, who made it easy to navigate and to utilize. It’s easy to use interface and the convenience of cloud, enables the user to utilize this system from anywhere at any time, allowing them to work on patient records. It is non-expensive, which makes it more attractive to the providers, and also has many options that can be added on for a small fee. Providers can view their performance by utilizing practice management, which provides graphs for their use, and offers multiple benefits to run the office smoothly. The only way it can be ran smoothly, is if they have the proper training, which is offered by video and live webinars and also self-paced webinars that consists of 9 videos, so they can get the proper training to use this system.…...

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