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Keystone Xl Pipeline

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Alberta Oil – Keystone XL pipeline

The high demand for oil in the U.S. is continuously increasing. In 2010, the United-States, on average, consumed 19.15 million barrels of oil per day (bpd) (Index Mundi 1). Due to the high demand and the proximity to the U.S., Canada is a major supplier of their oil. The Alberta Tar Sands are the 2nd largest oil reservoir in the world and are a major source of Canada’s oil exports to the States and to the world. The high demand is being met with extreme dislike from environmentalists. It also creates thousands of jobs. Bureaucrats are pushing for its construction; they do it for the economical growth and the capital benefits. The construction of the Keystone XL pipeline (KXL) is a controversial issue which has lead President Obama to deny the permit for TransCanada to continue building in the United-States. Sending crude oil down to the United-States would be a sensitive issue and could hurt Canada’s economic development in the future if not handled correctly. The Keystone XL pipeline would primarily perform the job of bringing oil down from Alberta to the large refineries in Texas. The pipeline will provide millions of new jobs in North America. The quick job increase is due to the fact that government of Alberta assigns permits to extract oil from the Tar Sands and not one has been denied. Robert Rampton, a reporter for the Financial Post, wrote, “Canadian production is surging on expanding output from the oil sands. With exports to the United States up 34% year after year, existing pipeline capacity is full”(1). Therefore a new pipeline is needed urgently. Prime Minister Harper spoke about a -conflict-free- U.S.-Canada energy partnership (Minicucco, 1) around the pipeline. This is especially important when compared importing from volatile oil producing nations like Venezuela and Middle Eastern nations. The pipeline will…...

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