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Nathan Kitchens
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Peter Olsen
October 18, 2013
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According to Steven Bray, first-year college students participate in far less exercise than the year before for several reasons. One reason is because of the academic demands of college. Another reason is there is a lack of organized sports. He suggests that perhaps an even greater reason may be the human tendency to look at life changes as an opportunity to do away with all the old rules and create new ones. Since college is the first big transition in life, it becomes an excuse to not exercise. I agree very much with Steven Bray's reasons college students exercise less. I spend so much more time studying this year than I did in high school. Even though I don't think for me it is so much of throwing away the old rules, I simply do not have the time to exercise. Between school and work, it seems there are no extra hours in my day to participate in sports like I did in high school. Although Bray did not mention this, I think it becomes very easy to get in the habit of snacking while studying. I often find myself with a bag of chips and a can of cola as I am doing my homework. There are also fewer activities in which I am participating. It seemed like in high school I was always on the go with school activities. There was not so much time to be sitting and…...

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