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The importance of Interactive/self-service
Business Intelligence for fulfilling and exceeding Corporate Social Responsibility commitments BI application, and performance metrics can be directly linked to strategic CSR goals — and ownership for each metric can be clearly defined for greater departmental accountability. Integrated Ad
Hoc queries provide real-time access to the information needed to make critical business decisions. CSR Reporting and BI also offers performance management features including scorecards and dashboards, and advanced views of critical metrics.
BI methodologies are natural partners with companies wanting to become better corporate citizens and leaders for corporate social responsibility. BI is used to measure financial performance, supply chain, personnel and much more. BI has a role to play to help company executives determine if they are meeting their CSR goals
– whether green initiatives, supplier validation, energy reduction, charitable involvement or improving employee morale.
BI can help companies track whether CSR initiatives are having the expected financial impact (cost reduction or revenue generation)

as well as help track material waste reductions and carbonfootprint minimization. These are accomplishments that merit celebration and recognition in…...

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