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Kristina Brown
Corporate Strategy Analysis Discussion Summary

One video I had recalled with my learning team was the Xerox video. I briefly went over with my team that I found Anne decision to keep the company a float was an excellent idea and decision. I had felt like she thought put her plan carefully and got accurate information so that she could truly understand the nature her company was in. The company was falling right before her eyes and Anne had to come up with a decision-making process but also needed her team’s support and got just that. I found that a lot of my team mates thought as I did. They too agreed with Anne’s decision to go on with the company and fix its profit’s issue. My team mates and I knew that being a manager is a tough job because you are required to make decisions for a company that could either make or break you. My team mates and I know that with management comes with responsibility, dedication, and patience. Anne Mulcahy showed no fear because she had to set an example for her team. Another video would be Southwest Airlines. Gary Kelly showed empathy when it came to his customers. He to rides the same airlines and not First Class because he enjoyed the company of his customers. The fact the he could sit and have small talk with them was an amazing gesture to keep a goof relationship with the people that is supporting your company. The communication that he shared with his employees and customers will always keep the door open to his business because everyone likes to see that we are not only spending our money with these people but they are friendly and are on top of their game with their company. Their principles were to treat all customers the same as if they were kings and queens and to try to keep the cost of tickets down. I like that he does not fly first class because he wants to make his customers feel…...

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