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There is massive amounts of waste being thrown into landfills, much of what can be recycled or composted. Landfills are running out of space. Statistics show that ninety percent of waste in landfills was deposited there in the mid 1980’s. (Master Composter) In 1989 Americans disposed of 3.5 pounds of solid waste per day. (Master Composter) Estimates show that every Sunday, more than 500,000 trees are used to produce eighty eight percent of newspapers, much which is not recycled. (Master Composter) Estimates show that American’s throw away enough office paper to build a twelve foot high wall from Los Angeles, California to New York City. (Master Composter) 2.5 million plastics bottles per hour are used by Americans in which only a small percentage is recycled. (Master Composter) There is enough iron and steel thrown out to supply all of America’s auto markets and enough aluminum to rebuild the entire air fleet every three months. (Master Composter) Americans dispose 24 million tons of leaves and grass clippings every way, which by the way can be composted. (Master Composter) Much of this space taken up could be limited if everyone would just recycle what can be recycled and compost what can be composted. Composting in Vermont is making substantial headway since the passing of the Universal Recycling Law which calls for all food scraps to be out of trash by July, 1, 2020. Many companies have already started to compost to adhere to new regulations put into place. Wayside restaurant in Montpelier started composting once the new law was introduced. Brian Zecchinelli has seventy employees, all of whom participate in the mission to reduce waste, conserve energy, prevent pollution and transportation efficiencies, and promote sustainability. (Zecchinelli) Vermont’s universal law (Act 148) is set to be fully in place by July, 1, 2020 and passed in 2012. The law…...

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...Well it is not the pyramids of Egypt if that’s what you are thinking. According to Bluewater Recycling Association, the largest structure built by mankind is the Fresh Kills Sanitary Landfill located in Staten Island, New York. The site is 45 meters high, 45 meters deep and covers an area of 120 hectares. B. In the past, dumps took all wastes; industrial, commercial, and hazardous household materials. Landfills are now designed and regulated to hold specific materials. C. Regardless of where we live, work, or play, we generate trash. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, American’s generated 254.7 million tons of municipal solid waste in 2005 and more than half (138.3 million tons) was disposed of in landfills. I did some research and according to Bluewater Recycling this is very dangerous because gas and leachate are the two major problems landfills generate. Landfill gas is roughly 50% carbon dioxide and 50% methane. It is the methane that poses the greatest danger; the gas becomes explosive when mixed with oxygen. Without proper control, methane can leak into pipes and buildings. There has been homes that have exploded from methane leaks caused by being built near old, improperly constructed landfills. D. I will be speaking about how people dealt with landfills in the past, now and how local governments are trying to deal with them in the future. II Body A. As reported by the National Solid Waste Management Association which I......

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Recycling better for the environment, there is very little landfill space left, and is cheaper than using virgin materials. That is what people are led to believe, but none of that is true for the majority of materials some metals like aluminum are better to recycle, but glass, plastic, and paper are better to make out of virgin material. I n calendar year two thousand nine, forty four landfills accepted almost forty six million gate cubic yards of solid waste; eight percent less waste than was accepted during two thousand eight Some of these landfills were not active during the full year. Twenty-four of the forty four landfills accepted five million three hundred thousand gate cubic yards of waste from other states. Capacity remaining at forty seven landfills on Jan. 1, 2010, declined by less than one percent. This total of more than one billion gate cubic yards of available capacity was down more than eight million gate cubic yards from data reported a year earlier. (Nonhazardous Solid Waste Management and Landfill Capacity) The United States Environmental Protection Agency has a voluntary assistance program, meant to help reduce methane emitted from landfill by encouraging the recovery of said methane to eventually be used as an energy source. As solid waste decomposes it gives off a gas which is comprised of roughly fifty percent methane, fifty percent carbon dioxide, and trace amounts of non-methane organic compounds. Landfill gas can be collected, converted, and used as an......

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