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Lawn Care Case Study

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1. Lawn Care currently believes they are the manufacturer of the highest-quality grass seed and fertilizer in the world. They believe their product is so superior it should practically sell itself, with this superior product they can focus solely on the product and remove the service and expertise needed to properly apply and maintain the product. They add no extra value other than the product itself once they product is delivered the client experience ends in their eyes. The order winners would be Quality, Dependability, and Flexibility at eh beginning of the article but Quality/Performance flexibility/Material Quality come into question later since it is not being applied by professionals. Speed and cost are not discussed but could be winners in well if they have fast order turnaround time and a reasonable selling price.

2. They are completely missing the opportunity for better customer service and additional product sales by not offering a service delivered by experts.


To reverse negative trends, the company must focus on adding customer installations, improving service delivery and consistency, turnover, and improving communication/education with customers. Lawn Care must also focus on more profitable sales—placing considerably less emphasis on "residential selling" as a means to acquire new customers until the commercial services side is built up and strong. They must increase customer retention through improved customer experience and continuously adjusting their marketing mix to optimize sales and brand awareness. That would include investment in digital marketing: search engines, websites, mobile and social. They must improve the customer experience by setting standards of service excellence to drive toward a common set of service delivery standards and a superior experience for all of their customers. 4. Furthermore, when a…...

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