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Level 7 Unit 1

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Unit 1: Strategic Management and Leadership
Muhammad Salman Saleem

Acknowledgement: 1
Research Methodology: 3
Task number 01 5
1.1 5
Link between strategic management and leadership is following: 5
1.2 6
Management and leadership styles impact on the strategic management: 6
For instance there are different leadership styles useful in different situations which are following; 6
1.3 7
Evaluation of leadership styles used in different situations: 7
Task number 02 8
2.1 8
Impacts of management and leadership theories on organization strategy: 8
2.2 9
Creating the leadership strategy that will support the organization structure: 9
Task number 03 11
3.1 11
Methods to review the leadership styles: 11
3.2 12
Plan for the development of future situations requiring leadership: 12
Task number 04 13
4.1 13
Plan the development of leadership skills for a specific requirement: 13
4.2 14
Methods use to plan the development of the leadership skills and their usefulness for the organization: 14
References: 15

Leadership is a skill which will involve motivating people towards the achievement of goals through a proper and positive way. This will involve to influence and inspire people and follow their leader so that they will act in his directions. (investopedia, n.d.). While Strategic management is concern with making, implementing and evaluating different decisions regarding the organization which will help the organization to achieve its goals and objectives for the success of the organization. (Kader, n.d.)
Both the skills are very important for the managers of the company but they are different things as the strategic management is required of the achievement of goals and objectives of the organization by improving the internal controls, procedures,…...

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