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LTA Code Reusability
Gregory Z. Peck, Paul Newman Charles Barkley, Mark Whalberg, Christopher L Columbus,
Jeffery Domer, Joshua Tree
PRG 420
August 12, 2014
Gary Newman

LTA Code Reusability
When working on a program it is unusual that a single person will complete the program. Usually a team is responsible for working on it. Normally there is coordination prior to coding to ensure all the objects, methods, and classes will work together. The program was broken down into a few steps that included determining the programs to use, deciding what was best from those two programs, combining them, and then modifying the code to make the program run successfully.
First was to decide what two programs to examine. This was determined by selecting two programs that had a similar flow to the programs. Two programs had a similar theme of the main method to call for the inputs and arrays while the second class had the methods to determine the compensation due. Due to similar logic, it made sense to combine these two programs.
The next step was determining what was best from each program to decide what could be replaced. The code that was chosen to be what we designed was the program that completed the goals most effectively. The program properly used the arrays to hold several salespeople and compare their compensation. The program was capable of doing this for two salespeople. At this point, it needed to be determined what elements from the second code would be used and inserted into the code from the first program. There were several differences in the methods, naming conventions, and much more that made this choice difficult. In order to decide what was used from the second program we reviewed all the methods used to calculate compensation. This included using the mathematical equations. How they were calculated and how the sales information was passed to the…...

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