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Mass Wasting and Processes

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These site www.tulane .edu/~sanelson/Natural_Disasters/masswastproc.htm provides in-depth information about mass movements and the processes involved in the movement. It gives quite a number of causes of the earth movement and mostly how the human activities impact the processes. As human population increase and occupy more space on the earth surface, the mass movement processes have become more likely to have effect on human beings. The site also provides a tally in a table showing the mass movement impact on the human life over the past century. The website reveals that landslides in United States have caused roughly more than $2b in damages and (25-50) deaths. It clearly cuts to edge that the less developed countries have the highest number of losses because of population being high, lack of laws of zoning, lack of data regarding mass movement hazards and lack of preparedness on emergency issues. In addition the website cites that knowledge concerning geology and movements of mass can result to a better arrangement that can decrease vulnerability to such kind of hazards. The website further looks at the types or rather categories of mass movement process. They are divided into two broad types, sedimental flow and slope failure and then further into subcategories. Mass movement process in cold climates is also featured in the site.
The information provided in the site corresponds to the reading based on mass wasting and mass wasting processes and can be helpful in my daily life in a way that I can be able to know the measures taken to prevent vulnerability of mass movement hazards. It also helps explain the processes of mass movement in details.…...

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