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Press release concerning CFO John Doe’s resignation
XYZ company-Houston, TX.

Release date: August 3rd, 2015. 12:00PM
Mr. John Doe has vacated the Chief Financial Officer position at XYZ Company effective August 1st 2015. Mr. Doe, who has been with our company since 2005, handed in his resignation letter directly to the Board of Directors. He has not announced his future plans.

We understand that the event of his departure is controversial, and our investors have many questions regarding the corresponding SEC investigation. Rest assured that we here at XYZ are working our hardest to resolve this matter and restore the trust our investors and the public at large have placed in us. We have always maintained absolute integrity and utmost professionalism in our ethical and corporate behavior, and we stand by that assertion today.

We here at XYZ appreciate your patience and continued trust, and we hope that our relationship continues well into the future.

Thank you.

To: Alex Morgan, Manager
Date: 8/3/2015
Subject: SEC investigation

Mr. Manager. At this time we are under investigation for alleged revenue misappropriation by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). We are legally required to turn over all appropriate and relevant accounting evidence to the SEC investigators who will be arriving at our corporate offices later today.
Our major responsibility is to make sure that all our accounting personnel are available for the investigators to interview. Our full cooperation on this matter is of utmost importance.
We are also required to contact our external auditor, Deloitte LLP, and have our audit team get in contact with the SEC investigators. We need to make sure that our external auditors are fully debriefed on the situation.
There have been rumors circulating in the media concerning the allegations against us, especially…...

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